The Glover Report: … When Cops Don’t Trust the Cops!

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – August 31, 2018) – Once again, the local news has attempted to paint a picture for the community that is absolutely contrary to common sense – just like in the local coverage of the trial in the Case of Freddie Gray.

Sean Suiter’s wife, Nicole, isn’t buying it. She said this week that her husband did not kill himself and that it was instead murder. Other cops don’t believe it, either. And the community damn sure isn’t going for it. Baltimore Police Detective Suiter was murdered, and that’s all it is to it. For anyone to suggest otherwise only reeks of a horrific stench that the nose cannot bear and one that graces the highest parts of heaven … or hell. Baltimore’s leadership can continue to toy with people’s emotions if it wants, but, as we saw in 2015, there is one heck of a price to pay.

“I knew my husband very well. He wasn’t a coward. He wouldn’t have went out like that.” Nicole Suiter said when speaking with WMAR 2 News’ Brian Keubler. “He wouldn’t leave his family like this. He had no reason to.”

To say the least, unless Baltimore gets a grip on the corruption/inefficiency inside the Baltimore Police Department, we will continue to see mayhem after mayhem, fiasco after fiasco, and debacle after debacle.

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Just over three years ago, the City of Baltimore was hit with the first riots since 1968. News cameras from around the globe descended onto the intersection of Penn-North. West Baltimore instantly became the epicenter of international media attention. In fact, politicians, activists and community people were ubiquitous. If you go there today, the only difference are the beautiful murals that offer a temporary reprieve from the madness.

Some of the journalists looked at the buildings along North Avenue and thought they were a result of the riots. They were not. These are but some of the eyesores West Baltimore residents see on a daily basis – long before Freddie died. East Baltimore faces the same. It is no less than normalized environmental terrorism.

Since the riots of 2015, the only new development – if you will – in Central West Baltimore is a renovated Western District Police Station in Sandtown. That’s it! Although millions of dollars circulated throughout Baltimore after the riots, the conditions in which the people live generally remain the same – including a 2-mile food desert where you’d be hard-pressed to find one damn string bean. Despite all of the politicians and personalities who flocked to a corner that most hadn’t visited in years – if ever, all of their cameos thus far have amounted to nothing.

The riots, of course, came on the heels of the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who was arrested for selling drugs. Six Baltimore Police Department officers were charged.

An end result was that the cops all walked. Also, a Consent Decree from the federal government became the order of the day. This federal mandate along with a lack of trust of the State’s Attorney’s Office has caused the police to essentially fall back. After all, all eyes were on them as the community was filled with a venomous disdain for the guys and gals in blue.

Fast-forward to November 16th of 2017. Baltimore City Police Detective Sean Suiter was killed in an alleyway off Bennett Place – just off Franklin Street in Central West Baltimore. The community was shut-down like Fort Knox as even dogs and cats were being checked at the corner for I.D. by law enforcement. There were multiple complaints.

To say the least, none of this helped police-community relations. But then – there is another angle. You see, no one in the world outside of the people on this board reviewing Suiter’s death believe that Suiter, who was African American, killed himself.

FACT: Witnesses heard 3 (three) shots.

FACT: Once his body was moved, the crime scene was contaminated.

FACT: University Hospital was a three-minute drive away.

FACT: Suiter didn’t reach hospital for 25 minutes because the car transporting him was in an accident.

FACT: Suiter was to testify the next day in the police corruption case against the Gun Trace Task Force.

FACT: Suiter’s regular partner called-in sick, hence Suiter had a different partner – the one that ducked for cover behind a car.

Clearly, there are more questions than answers:
For instance, why would Suiter kill himself? He had a wife and five children, and had attained the rank of detective. He was not the most worst-off guy in the world and had so much for which to live.

Why was Suiter working in the field instead of being in protective custody somewhere, given he was about to testify against dirty cops?

What ever happened to the guy in black with white stripes seen running away? Was this concocted to throw people off the track of the truth?

Are the good ol’ boys in blue sending a message to good cops to shut up when they see wrong-doing?

Why didn’t the Independent Review Board interview Suiter’s wife to get a better sense of the detective’s state of mind?

When have you ever heard of a group voting … on how they think a man died?

Suiter is not the first black man said to have committed suicide here in the City of Baltimore. This same Medical Examiner’s Office claimed that black contractor titan Robert Lee Clay went out sideways back in 2005. However, no one in the black community who knew Clay buys that garbage. It was a raggedy investigation that – once again – left more questions than answers. Besides, a black man in America with a pocket full of money is not the classic picture of a suicide case by a long shot.

I cannot imagine the pain that fills the heart of Nicole Suiter or her children. No doubt, it is unbearable. On top of the loss of Sean, this family has to deal with a crass police department that suggested suicide that day after he was buried. How cruddy is that?

In all, a plaguing question remains: How in the world can the community trust the cops when cops don’t even trust cops?