The Glover Report: Can You Say “Freddie Gray”?

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – August 11, 2018) – I love my city. That is why this picture and this video have me so furious. I warned people that things like this would continue if we didn’t elect Sheila Dixon. But, noooooooo! These Democrats, whatever the hell that’s suppose to mean to me as an African American living in this 9-to-1 Democratic conundrum called Baltimore, had other aspirations. With the support of the Maryland Democratic machine, some nasty and desperate lobbyists, and her embattled colleagues in Annapolis, Catherine Elizabeth Pugh would steal the election from Dixon with the help of 2,000 questionable ‘chicken boxes’ and the promise of work on election day. People forget or never knew that this “misunderstanding” actually caused a mini-riot at Pugh’s campaign office on Election Day in 2016.

Yet, not a soul saw anything wrong with this procuring of votes, although it is illegal – let alone unethical. And had our ad hoc advocacy group (VOICE) said nothing, the election would have gone through with Pugh as the victor … by about 2,000 votes … with no one the wiser.

VOICE (Voters Organized for the Integrity of City Elections) did, in fact, say something and we consequently got the election de-certified. This was 100% unprecedented. No one could remember a thing like this ever happening before – whether it did or not.

Anyway, times have moved on. Truth be told, we are but 2 years from the next mayor’s race. As for Pugh’s tenure, it has been rattled with a number of failed appointments who were improperly vetted, the hiring of a $240 per hour PR specialist to attempt to clean-up her image, three police commissioners, a dead detective killed on the eve of the day he was to testify in the sketchy Gun Trace Task Force case, and now today’s melee exasperated by an unseasoned cop – who happens to be black (Damn, bruh!).

If you know like I know, today’s fumble is the last thing the Baltimore Police Department needs now and certainly not what Pugh feels like addressing this otherwise glorious weekend. I mean, what can she possibly say having one riot already under her belt? After all, she was the State Senator for Penn-North, right? That is the the 40th district. Correct? It only lends more credence to the need for true police reform, changes that the Consent Decree has yet to effect. Minus today’s faux pas, Baltimore cops have fallen back. Baltimore is a different city today than it was before Freddie Gray where bad guys now know they can carry a gun and get away with it. Just blame it on the Consent Decree. Consequently, the streets are off the hook!

Here’s my take on today and overall: When you have people in charge who have no clue about how to lead, this is what your foot soldiers do. Leadership starts at the top. In addition to the illegal Mayor Catherine Elizabeth Pugh (The investigation of Pugh assistant Gary Brown’s $18,000 in illegal campaign contributions is clearly ‘on ice’; there are still questions, like where did the money come from?), Baltimore has a Democratic leadership that is absolutely silent on matters like this. All they seem to do is complain about Gov. Larry Hogan when they have filth and squalor all around their own doorstep. But who suffers the most out of this carnage? African Americans do because we are shamed into being a Democrat in a city that treats black Democrats like crap!

Further, I am 100% convinced that the white males who dominate the Maryland Democratic Party did everything in their power to steal this mayorship from Sheila Dixon. They wanted a puppet who would carry white folks’ water and say “To hell” with black people. For instance, you can bet your bottom dollar that now that the old houses have been removed mostly, black people will not be moving back to Park Heights and Woodland. If I’m wrong, I will gladly admit it right here on Bmorenews. These new dwellings, just like in East Baltimore around Johns Hopkins, will likely be priced just out of range for Baltimore’s typical African American family.

Slowly but surely, we have been pawns long enough in this majority black city. We get the short end of the stick over and over and over again. We’ve generally concluded that the best a politician can do for us is lie in our face: Give on one hand, and take back twice on the other. What politicians have not been doing is addressing our issues, like the hundreds of white addicts – often with backpacks and sleeping bags – who come to Sandtown every single day looking for drugs; and just so we are clear, if black addicts were running around Bolton Hill like white addicts are running rampantly and disrespectfully around Sandtown everyday, there would be a 9-1-1 24-7 on any and all black people East of Eutaw Street by the ‘boys in blue’.

Continually, we get treated the worst in Baltimore. The Annual MLK Parade nearly got cancelled by Pugh (Imagine that!). She moved Afram to a location in the damn park (Bet you they wouldn’t move Artscape to Druid Hill Park). And the beloved Baltimore City Council, in its infinite wisdom, has focused its attention instead on disrupting the flow of traffic, including fire trucks (You get automatic bad juju for messing with our firefighters, bud!), for the sake of a motherfrickin’ bike lane – including Calvert Street and the eastbound lane going around Druid Park Drive. Dude! That’s absurd and shows elected officials have no idea of what they’re doing. This is Baltimore, a city of neighborhoods and families who love this city despite its issues! And while we are all for progress, we have zero tolerance for chicanery. And we will let you know it, too!

Meanwhile, we have 13 high schools where not a single student is proficient in math. This speaks volumes about our priorities. Personally, they should have had a huge education push this summer  – and it should have been all over the news and Social Media – you know, faking like you like our kids. But these folks in charge don’t even know how to at least give some semblance of a fuck that they do care. To boot, they just installed 37 new speed/red light camers, including one at North and Fulton – a couple blocks from Penn-North. Penn-North was the epicenter of international media attention in 2015’s uprising. This light, a renovated Western District Police Station, and a homeless shelter is about the only things new in this part of town since the riots. Oh, and the old Frederick Douglass High School in Sandtown has been obviously transformed into something the community has no idea about. (Thanks alot!)

Can you say “Freddie Gray”? #Baltimore