Baltimore-DC Legend Stan Long … on the next edition of “The Doni Glover Show”, Wednesday, 10-11am, WOLB 1010 AM

(BALTIMORE – July 30, 2018) – Folks, we’ve got a hot interview lined-up for Wednesday. This man has Baltimore and DC ties, has a book out, co-produces “Spotlight Over The City”,  and toils tirelessly every single day to get people of color on motivated to do the right thing. He also is a recent recipient of The Joe Manns Black Wall Street Award at Black Wall Street BOWIE on July 23rd.

We all know the ills of life in the city. The question becomes: Are we part of the problem or part of the solution?

On Wednesday’s show on Radio One Baltimore’s WOLB 1010 AM, we’ll talk to Stan and hear his take on the situation.

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