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TOP STORIES: It’s not too late to sign up for our annual Day of Service. Join us on Saturday, July 28th for a day of outreach and spreading the love of Christ. People from all walks of life are encouraged to participate in this event that is dedicated to blessing and serving others. Registration for this event starts at 8 am. The kick-off starts at 9 am. Volunteers will have the opportunity to engage in activities such as: Feeding the Homeless. Cleaning the Community. Acts of Kindness. Mural Projects. Volunteering with Seniors and more. For more information or to register, please visit us online at If you have any questions, email – Father Michael Pfleger / St. Sabina

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The Release of Dope Pusher Video Back Fired

It has now been verified that the Chicago Police Department is the most immoral and unscrupulous group of trained soldiers that I’ve ever seen. I can’t see how any BLACK person can even be a part of this racist and terrible organization whether you work on the streets as a cop or within the walls of local police stations throughout this city.

CPD, you cannot and will not frighten (us) by showing video of a young brother selling dope as though we’ve never seen a young brother selling dope, before (LOL). Every day I read the Wall Street Journal and USA Today, where mainly white so-called professional men are being politely walked out of their homes, gyms, their corporate headquarters–being charged with stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from innocent victims.

Heck, even Bernie Madoff was allowed to live after stealing billions of dollars, causing hundreds of families to lose everything; many even killed themselves because they couldn’t accept being stripped of their dignity and literally flat-broke after trusting this Jewish man. Talk about so-called ‘black on black crime,’ Madoff’s victims were mostly Jewish people who would only trust another Jewish person to manage their money at that high level. So let us label what Madoff did to his own group of people as, ‘Jewish on Jewish crime!’

Chicago police superintendent and the mayor of Chicago are men who cannot be trusted. And the release of this tape with a young brother selling dope as a reason to KILL him in cold blood and then lie about is cowardice and disgraceful. How despicable! I’m not endorsing the selling of dope, but Negroes gotta eat. I know white boys who sell dope! Will cops knock on their doors and murder them in their sleep? Furthermore, what about corrupt cops who’ve been charged with robbing dope pushers and then becoming dope pushers themselves? Are police gonna shoot down their blue shield buddies or just keep their mouths shut?

What about these white pill pushing pharmacists who sell Opioids, Heroin, and other life-threatening dope to white communities? The government has labeled this Opioid crisis as a national epidemic, but brothers are vilified for trying to survive because a city like Chicago that has the highest unemployment for black men continue to strip them of their dignity and ability to earn! – CDW

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Residents to hold a Summit to stop displacement around Obama Center and prepare to put the Obama Center CBA Ordinance on February Ballot on Thursday, July 26 at 5:00 pm. Obama Library Southside CBA Coalition, speakers will include Renee Hatcher, John Marshall Law School; Jawanza MaloneKenwood-Oakland Community OrganizationJamiyah Lee, Hyde Park Career Academy; and, Marcus Gill, Dust ‘Em Clean Co.

As the election season ramps-up, around 400 community residents are expected to descend upon the South Shore Cultural Center to digest the data on gentrification taking place in the communities surrounding the site for the Obama Presidential Center, and how a CBA ordinance can stop low income and working families from being pushed out. They will demand Mayor Emanuel and local aldermen pass a CBAordinance. The Coalition is organizing residents to petition to put the Obama Center Community Benefit Ordinance on the Ballot.

“We have a window of opportunity before the next election to protect the most vulnerable people in our community. We’re gathering to make sure the mayor and the local aldermen do the right thing, or we’ll have to elect people who will,” says Paru Brown, member of the Obama Library Southside CBA Coalition and Chicago chapter co-chair for the Black Youth Project 100.

The CBA Ordinance calls for 1) 30% of new housing to be set aside for affordable housing, 2) property tax freeze for longtime residents, 3) independent monitoring & local hires, 4) support for neighborhood schools; and, 5) a community trust fund to support these initiatives. Organizers are preparing to petition residents in the 5th and 20th ward in order to put the question before voters on the February ballot. For more details, contact J. Brian Malone at 312.805.4326 or





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Tio Hardiman, Gregory Livingston and other activists and community leaders hold press conference to discuss the upcoming march to shut down Lake Shore Drive on Chicago’s North Side next week, aiming to bring afternoon and evening rush hour traffic to a standstill as the city braces for a Cubs game and the start of the popular Lollapalooza

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Dorothy Jean Dandridge


Dorothy Dandridge Lives

Dorothy Jean Dandridge (November 9, 1922 – September 8, 1965) was one of the world’s prolific and talented film and theatre actress, singer, and dancer. She is perhaps one of the most famous African-American actresses to have a successful Hollywoodcareer and the first nominated for a Academy Awardfor Best Actress for her performance in the 1954 film Carmen Jones.

Dandridge performed as a vocalist in venues such as the Cotton Club and the Apollo Theater. During her early career, she performed as a part of The Wonder Children, later The Dandridge Sisters, and appeared in a succession of films, usually in uncredited roles. In 1959 Dandridge was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Porgy and Bess. She is the subject of the 1999 HBO biographical film, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. She has been recognized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Dandridge was married and divorced twice, first to dancer Harold Nicholas (the father of her daughter, Harolyn Suzanne) and then to hotel owner Jack Denison. Dandridge died under mysterious circumstances at age 42. Dandridge was born in Cleveland, Ohio, to aspiring entertainer Ruby Dandridge (née Butler) and Cyril Dandridge, a cabinetmaker, and Baptist minister. She was of Jamaican, Mexican and Native American descent.

Dorothy’s first credited film role was in Four Shall Die (1940). The race film cast her as a murderer and did little for her film career. Because of her rejection of stereotypical African American roles, she had limited options for film roles. She had small roles in Lady from Louisiana with John Wayne and Sundown with Gene Tierney (both in 1941). Dandridge appeared as part of a Specialty Number, Chattanooga Choo Choo, in the hit 1941 musical, Sun Valley Serenade for 20th Century Fox.

She continued to appear occasionally in films and on the stage throughout the rest of the 1940s with Count Basie in Hit Parade and Louis ArmstrongAtlantic Cityand Pillow to Post. In 1951, Dandridge appeared in Tarzan’s Peril. Her continuing publicity buzz got her pictured on the April 1951 cover of Ebony.

In December 1952, Bright Road—her first starring role opposite Harry Belafonte. In 1953, a nationwide talent search arose as 20th Century Fox began the process of casting the all-black musical film adaptation of Oscar Hammerstein II’s 1943 Broadway musical Carmen Jones. The remainder of the cast consisted of Harry Belafonte, Pearl Bailey, Brock Peters, and Diahann Carroll.

Carmen Jones opened to favorable reviews and strong box office returns on October 28, 1954, earning $70,000 during its first week and $50,000 during its second. Dandridge’s performance as the seductive leading actress made her one of Hollywood’s first African-American sex symbols and earned her positive reviews. On November 1, 1954, Dandridge became the first black woman featured on the cover of Life.

Carmen Jones became a worldwide success, eventually earning over $10 million at the box office and becoming one of the year’s highest-earning films. In 1955, Dandridge signed a three-movie deal with 20th Century Fox starting at $75,000 a film. In 1957, Dandridge sued Confidential (magazine) for libel over its article that described a scandalous incident, fictitious as it turned out, that it claimed occurred in 1950. In May 1957, she accepted an out-of-court settlement of $10,000.

Dandridge next agreed to star opposite German actor Curd Jürgens in the Italian production of Tamango (1958). A reluctant Dandridge had agreed to appear in the film only after learning that it focused on a nineteenth-century slave revolt on a cargo ship traveling from Africa to Cuba. However, she nearly withdrew when the script called for her to swim in the nude and spend the majority of the film in a two-piece bathing suit made of rags. When Dandridge threatened to leave the film, the script and her wardrobe were retooled to her liking.

Although she was known for her renditions of songs such as Blow Out the Candle, You Do Something to Me, and Talk Sweet Talk To Me, she recorded very little on vinyl. It is unknown whether her lack of recording was due to personal choice or lack of opportunity.

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“The whole system is out of order,” says South Shore resident David Lee as he confronts Ald. Hairston during the 5th Ward Meeting (Photo: Marc Monaghan)

Activists Confront Hairston at Rowdy Ward Meeting

Ald. Leslie Hairston (5th) faced bellicose protesters demanding she supports specific law enforcement policy proposals and answers for her perceived absence from the social unrest that followed the July 14 police shooting of Harith “Snoop” Augustus in South Shore.