Get Your Copy of Phil Gilliam’s “Black Leather Apron”

John Talion, ex-homicide detective turned down on his luck private eye, stumbles upon the grisly murder of Sharon Bowling, the daughter of one of Baltimore’s most prominent and connected families. He’s manipulated in to “privately” assist in solving the murder by the victim’s recently widowed sister, Samantha Bowling.

Reluctant at first, Talion has no choice but to accept the $15,000.00 Samantha offers for his assistance unsure if he’s being paid to catch or kill the murderer. Immersed in his own lust, Samantha’s stunning beauty and base sensuality, Talion wants to solve the case as much as he wants to bend her over.

The initial murder turns into two, then three all equipped with the same gruesome signature and cryptic messages. Talion finds a possible connection in a book entitled “The Mind of Jack the Ripper” then everything starts to make perfect sense. What follows is a suffocating tale of murder, greed, lust, revenge and insanity with the ultimate motive being orchestrated from an unlikely source for reasons as diabolical as the method in which it was executed.