Op/Ed: From the Desk of Hassan Giordano a.k.a. Mr. Politics

By Hassan Giordano

(BALTIMORE – June 27, 2018) – While we weren’t successful in our quest to become Baltimore’s next Clerk of the Circuit Court, I’m honored by the love, sacrifice and support I was blessed with along the way – which is why I say WE, because this was a campaign that I came to realize was a lot larger than myself, but became a movement that many invested in and sacrificed so much, and for that I’m forever grateful and humbled!

First, to our Clerk Marilyn Bentley, I honor you for your service to the citizens of this city and congratulate you on your victory! I hope the 21st century vision we laid out in this campaign will be reviewed and implemented over the next four years, as it doesn’t need to be me to do that; and I believe you have the desire to improve the conditions of the courts and promise to do whatever I can to be of assistance to you in any way, shape or form to help protect the rights of our courthouse employees, improve the conditions of, and drastically #ChangeTheCourts moving forward!

Second, to my team, I love yal with all my heart!! Most don’t realize that my core staff worked on a volunteer basis over the past fourteen months because they believe in me and the vision we put before the voters of this city! Jasmine Gibson Arlisa W. Anderson Barry Johnson Brian Keith EasleyDeborah E. Woolford Darius Hall Donald Morton Glover and of course, my treasurer Janice Dixon and my political Godmother Sheila Dixon – yal will always have a special place in my heart and you know I will do absolutely anything for you! You are the true definition of friends – I love yal!!

To my countless volunteers and supporters who helped us get to this point along the way, I love and appreciate everything you have done to help #ChangeTheCourts by pushing the vision!

This was an enlightening and memorable experience I will treasurer forever! However, I believe my calling is reporting on politics (regardless of who it pisses off) from an independent perspective and helping support and advise other great candidates and their efforts!

Speaking of whom, to all those candidates who sacrificed themselves by putting their lives on hold in order to offer themselves up to the voters of this city, salute! I had the opportunity to help some, and see the true colors of others, but it was an enlightening & memorable experience that I will never forget!

Congrats to those who won, and to those who may not have been successful, please don’t let this set-back discourage you from doing the work in our communities – which many of you have been doing all along!

Now that you made your choices Baltimore, the real work begins by holding them to their words and promises, keeping them honest and reminding them of this very moment! #MrPolitics #WeAreBaltimore