Antonio Hayes for State Senate, 40th District: MEET ANTONIO’S TEAM


(BALTIMORE – June 8, 2018) – They all came to lift up “Their Son of Baltimore.” Women from Baltimore who know and support Delegate Antonio Hayes’ Candidacy for Senator of the 40th district, assembled as a strong sign of support for Hayes.  His former Westside Elementary school principal Francis Park, one of his first political mentors and former boss’ former Delegate Salima Siler Marriott,  and community leaders across the 40th district.They also adorned pink, Women for Hayes t-shirts.

(40th District Delegate from 1991 to 2007)

“Antonio Hayes worked as my legislative assistant while I was Chair of the Baltimore City Delegation to the House of Delegates. Antonio is no newcomer to politics.”  “A lifetime resident of District 40, Antonio Hayes has been the people’s champion, fighting for the causes of the less than since his youth.  Antonio Hayes will continue to advocate and provide leadership on issues important to Maryland families.”


“I was truly humbled by the show of support from the many women who helped mentor and encourage me to be the leader that I am today.  Many might not know that just this past April, I experienced a tremendous loss.“To know that the village who supported my sisters and me when we were children, support me today for Senator of the 40th District, is a charge that I do not take lightly .“I will always serve ethically and honestly as the “matriarchs”  would expect no less of me.”


AFSCME Maryland 3 Endorsement

Today, I received AFSCME Maryland 3 Endorsement. As the largest union for state and higher education employees, AFSCME represents over 30,000 public employees across the State of Maryland.  Education is the cornerstone to real change and success in our State.  I will continue to fight for equitable funding and push for quality education.




Don’t forget to vote on June 26, 2018 7am until 8pm OR Early Vote from Thursday, June 14, 2018 through Thursday, June 21, 2018 from 10 am until 8pm.