TGR: It’s Malacka: The First Lady of Baltimore

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – May 12, 2018) – To say the least, entrepreneurs have to stick together. Here in the City of Baltimore, what we know is that if one can make it here, they can make it anywhere. And so, we start out on our entrepreneurial journey bringing all of life’s lessons to the table with the God-given energy that is a must with any entrepreneur – and we head out on this journey.

And, it can sometimes be a lonely road.

However, if you are fortunate, along the way you will meet some people who are one big ball of motivation. Put differently, there people who are naturally in our tribe. While there are those, including family, who are the last to support our efforts, invariably God will put some people in your life who will feed your spirit and unconditionally so.

While we come across many who will drain us, the people in our tribe are anything but a drain.

I’m not sure if I’ve succeeded in providing the appropriate backdrop, but Malacka (muh-LAY-kuh) is such a person. Her store, located on St. Paul just below 25th, is a travel destination for women from around the world. Men seeking that something special for their woman go there, too.

If you’ve never met this sister, let me say that you have been missing the true definition of a Baltimore entrepreneur.

In all of my days, I’m not sure I ever met a person like her. Wise beyond her years, she is the quintessential example of not only an entrepreneur, but a Baltimore entrepreneur.

Straight out of public housing in East Baltimore, she has evolved into an international brand. Let her show up in L.A., and best believe somebody knows her.

I bumped into her over at Terra Café Bmore last night, and she is still that burst of inspiration I first met at the Million Empress March on Pennsylvania Avenue just after ‘Freddie Gray.’ She is now as she was then: Baltimore’s biggest fan!

Many hail her as “The First Lady of Baltimore.” And that she is, without a shadow of a doubt. I’m not sure anybody love this city more.

She is the owner of “It’s Malacka’s” Make Up & Fashion Studio at 2437 St. Paul Street. Her website is and she is a beast on Instagram (itsmalacka) with 188,000 followers. Oh, and she’s an author, too! Her “Best Seller” book is named “I’m Ready For My Close Up.”