State’s Attorney goes up on television touting his experience

By Hassan Giordano

Early yesterday, Baltimore City’s leading candidate for State’s Attorney, Mr. Ivan Bates, sent out an email blast to his supporters informing them that he has already placed ads on local television, beginning today.

“I used my experience to fight crime the smart way, stopping repeat violent offenders to drive down our murder rate.” ~ Ivan Bates

The 49-year old democratic challenger to incumbent State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby made sure to continue to push his message of experience and substance over naivety and fluff, the latter being something his campaign has continued to attribute to Mrs. Mosby. “If you have a child over the age of ten, they were born before Mrs. Mosby received her law degree,” says Bates supporter, Doni Glover.

“That speaks volumes when talking about the chief prosecutor for Baltimore, who is charged with driving down crime and putting away the bad guys, when she has yet to ever win a murder trial, while Ivan never lost a murder trial during his years as a homicide prosecutor.”

This message has been relayed by the Bates campaign in their numerous radio ads that have went up on black radio right after Easter. The highly sought after criminal defense attorney, Bates decided to give up a lucrative criminal law practice to take on Mrs. Mosby, who he says is the worst thing Baltimore could ask for during this time of spiking violence. “I ask people one question: Do you feel safer today than you did four years ago,” says Bates.

“And the answer is always a resounding NO! Whether you are white, black brown, yellow or purple, if you are a resident of Baltimore City, you know that the crime has continued to spiral out of control under the Mosby administration. So either you stick with what you know and get comfortable with the violence that is happening, or you vote for a change, an experienced attorney who knows all the tricks and will put these violent, repeat offenders behind bars for a long time.”

The television commercial is reflective of a more toned down message, but it continues to push the message of the clear experience Mr. Bates has over the first-term incumbent. “With 23-years of criminal law, where as a homicide prosecutor he never lost a murder case,” along with clerking for the NAACP and serving in the Army, the voice in the television ad makes a clear and resounding case for Mr. Bates.

“I used my experience to fight crime the smart way, stopping repeat violent offenders to drive down our murder rate,” Bates says himself in the new :30 spot. And he speaks to Mosby’s dismal conviction rate and her refusal to debate him in a recent radio interview.

“It’s ironic that the very things she {Mrs. Mosby} criticized former state’s attorney Gregg Bernstein for, such as violence being out of control under his watch and his refusal to debate her; she is guilty of herself – to an even worst degree, as Gregg at least tried cases as the state prosecutor while she hasn’t even entered a courtroom once in three and half years to try a case.”

Another email sent by Bates campaign manager asks supporters to donate in order for the campaign to run their commercial on popular programs such as Good Morning America (for a $135 donation) to NCIS and the Bing Bang Theory (for two donations of $2,500 or $4,000, respectively). To watch the new Bates television ad, click here. Also running for State’s Attorney in the democratic primary is former Assistant Attorney General Thiru Vignarajah, whose sister is a democratic candidate for Maryland Governor.