TGR: 4th Councilman Race Pits Challenger Derrick Burnett Against Baltimore County Council Chair Julian E. Jones

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(LOCHEARN – May 6, 2018) – It took him a couple of tries, but at the end of his second attempt in 2014, Julian E. Jones unseated former Baltimore County Councilman Ken Oliver. It was an arduous task. Jones came close in his first try, but to no avail. Oliver made history by becoming the first African American on the Baltimore County Council in 2002.

In his 12-year tenure, Oliver was able to help bring “big box” stores to Randallstown, including Home Depot and Walmart. He also delivered a YMCA at the Liberty Road Resource Center complex and also a sit-down restaurant or two. The restaurant I’m personally proud of is Colin’s Seafood and Grill on Offutt Road. To say the least, Oliver did what many other black elected officials have failed to do, and that is leave a place better than the way one found it. He has nothing of which to be ashamed.

Julian Jones, to his credit, also has made history. He’s gotten closer to the golden ring than Ken Oliver; today, Jones has been elevated to being Chair of the Baltimore County Council, the one thing Ken did not get to do. And who knows? Jones might very well be on his way to being the chief executive of the county.

Enter Derrick Jones. Most everyone in Baltimore County knows Derrick. He’s well-known in the baseball community, for instance.  A longtime coach in the area, Burnett has mentored youth for at least 15 years, and his wife is a school teacher for the county’s public schools.

To say the least, Burnett has a fire in his belly to replace Jones.

On Tuesday’s 10 am broadcast (, Burnett will be given the opportunity to explain himself. Also joining us on that show is the one and only Ken Oliver. It should be fun. Do tune-in.