TGR: Re-Elect Sheriff John Anderson on June 26th

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – May 4, 2018) – I’ve known John Anderson, the Sheriff of Baltimore City, for many years. He has always been a man of his word, in my book. ‘Straight, no chaser’ is the kind of man he is.

The Sheriff’s deputies, as we all know, are the Court House police. They handle any and all matters there, and their police powers extend citywide. If you’ve ever been to the Court House, then you have met these men and women in-person. Professional with a touch of class is how it typically goes.

They also deal with tenant-landlord issues, warrants – all of the things pertaining to the execution of the law in Baltimore City via the courts.

My point is, we need people with such police powers to have a certain sensitivity to the job, especially given that so many African Americans are disproportionately involved with the court system, right or wrong.

And personally, I think the Sheriff and his deputies do their job and do it well.

You damn right I support the Sheriff, … and probably always will.

Oh, I almost forgot. His right-hand, Chief Hank Martin, is another standup man. With a wealth of experience, the retired Baltimore City cop knows his job and knows it well. He takes no foolishness and insists on doing the most professional job possible. He is also known for his coaching of the football team at Northwood.

Re-elect Sheriff John Anderson. It only makes sense!