The Glover Report: Blacks, Whites and Politics in Baltimore: Power Over What?

Photo by Aiyanah Muhammad

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting” … – Sun Tzu

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – April 18, 2018) – White people have the privilege of being whatever they want in America, i.e. Democrat or Republican. And nobody says a word. However, black people are expected and urged to be primarily loyal to the Democratic Party. The question is: Is the Democratic Party effectively serving our best interests or is it merely pimping us to no end?

I’ll never forget the day that Martin O’Malley told me that his father was a Republican. It only reiterated what I already knew: that Black people have no choice. We are loyal to a party for historical purposes, but yet we cannot make any demands of substance to help empower our community. Sure, we get a bone every now and then, like new school construction money … supposedly. But then, when you look at these new schools in this majority African American city of Baltimore, you see these schools strategically benefitting white kids.

There is no plan by the plethora of black elected officials to improve our neighborhoods. Instead, drug sales are as rampant as vacant houses. It seems as though the powers that be are waiting for us to kill each other, overdose on Fentanyl, or simply move to the ‘burbs.

The 1700 block of Bradford Street in Historic East Baltimore has three residents living on it. The rest of the houses are abandoned. It is a crying shame. At the same time, head ten blocks to the south and everything around Johns Hopkins Hospital looks like another world.

As the list of Democratic gubernatorial candidates for Governor of Maryland proceed forth in what is already an interesting battle, let me say for the record that the last thing I want to hear from my fellow Democrats is how “we” have to unite to fight the incumbent, Gov. Larry Hogan.

At an early gubernatorial forum for the Democrats a couple of months back at War Memorial Plaza, Congressman Elijah Cummings’ wife, a woman with no relevance in Baltimore history, attempted to tell the audience why we have to do just that.

However, she failed to mention the problems within the party. I have a problem with you telling me how bad the other guy