Op/Ed: The answer to Rikki’s prayers (and Nat’s mess) by Jay Steinmetz

(BALTIMORE – April 14, 2018) – I want to thank Bmorenews for their coverage of the 41stdistrict, and their interest in the direction of our elected leadership. As the only resident besides Nathaniel Oaks to submit their name for the open Senate seat when Lisa Gladden resigned, I knew then what we know today, that we need strong, ethical and courageous leaders willing to stand up for all the citizens of this diverse district.

This is why I am submitting my name and resume to fill the vacancy left by Mr. Oaks, as I have a solid business background and impeccable reputation, which will serve the voters of our district well during the interim while we await the outcome of the upcoming Primary.

Having built a solid company that includes over 130 employees from fourteen different states with an annual gross income of over $70 million, I know that I can begin to steer the financial ship of our district towards greater economic prosperity and more sensible job growth.

In fact, I desire to serve in this role for the next nine months free of charge, having the state reinvest any financial compensation I would receive to the hard-working communities that make up this dynamic district. That would not only answer the prayers of our former city councilwoman, Rochelle ‘Rikki’ Spector, who according to your article doesn’t want to waste taxpayer dollars on an interim selection; as well as level the playing field for the two candidates running for the seat this June.

Jay Steinmetz