Dear Maryland Republican Party … by William Newton

(BALTIMORE – April 8, 2018) – With all of the “organizing” being done by the Maryland Republican Party, to “re-elect” the same people ….. you’d think that since the 2016 Election cycle proved there was not enough Republican Judges or observers, then where is that statewide call for a “full-court press”, all hands on deck to fill those positions?

Where is the leadership on this?

For example in Baltimore City alone out of 296 precincts, every single polling location had little to no Republican judges!

The law requires an equal number from both majority Parties! There are accounts of 15:1, 6:0 ….. even one location there weren’t ANY judges from either Party watching the votes. (That one made the news)!

So how about it Maryland State Republican Party, with less than 90 days before the primary ….. how many election judges have you signed up and trained to ensure integrity …. (you are aware that it’s required by law, right)?