The Glover Report: Delegate Curt Anderson Stepping Down Amidst #MeToo?

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(ANNAPOLIS – April 4, 2018) – News has been swirling for weeks, although there has been no official word. However, one hour ago, “Mr. Politics” reported: “Breaking News: 43rd District Delegate Curt Anderson has stepped down as the Chairman of the Baltimore City House Delegation due to surfacing reports of sexual misconduct filed against him in Annapolis #MeToo – and an emergency election for a new delegation leadership team will be held this Friday, April 6th at the weekly city delegation meeting! More details to come in an article later this week… #MrPolitics #Session2018

Having made calls to Annapolis, the word is a speedy election is in the works for a new Chairman of the Baltimore City House Delegation because of the aforementioned claims that the Northeast Baltimore delegate has allegations against him. An assistant who answered Delegate Anderson’s phone today said, “We have no comment.”

We hope that this is not true. However, if it is, this will be yet another example of the abuse of power, especially among black elected officials in Maryland. At a time when the black community is most in need, the last thing we desire is to have our black elected officials – one by one – falling on the sword.

Delegate Michael Vaughn was recently found guilty of receiving bribes. State Senator Nathaniel Oaks recently pleaded guilty to corruption, too. And now this!

I pray our up and coming black elected officials take note of this and aim to never do the same. It’s all just sad.

I’ve always said that if you want to make money, start a business and do not go into politics. If one does choose politics, they must have a passion to serve the people – and not themselves. Whether it is illegally accepting money or abusing power for sex, black elected officials are not afforded the opportunity to do anything even remotely questionable. They are held to a higher standard. That is what the job calls for, and that is what people expect. Period.

Oh, I almost forgot. It is also my understanding that Carl Stokes, the former Baltimore City Councilman, initially filed for the House of Delegates in the 43rd for this very reason; he was aware of the charges coming against Anderson and was preparing himself for the position. Stokes has since removed his name from the list of candidates in the 43rd.