EDUCATION: Senate Bill 122 Update Letter from Delegate Frank Conaway, Jr.

Larry Young
1010 WOLB
1705 Whitehead Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21207
March 28, 2018

Dear Constituents,
I wanted to touch upon a few points from the Senate Bill 122 hearing on March 27,2018. The topic of Early Education was discussed. I again offered my opinion that Collateral Consequences of A Criminal Conviction should be taught starting in elementary school. There was a discussion about new technology usage. Also, there was a specific mention of a “shot fired” real time triangulation system.

Also mentioned, real time automobile license plate readers with a real time law enforcement alert tracking system. It was further stated that all the license tags would
be stored for an unspecified time. Much of the concept behind Senate Bill 122 was stated as to “track repeat offenders”. I would like to offer you some data gathered by Ricardo Flores, Director- OPD Government Relations Division about “repeat offenders”.

Frank M. Conaway, Jr.
Information Included:
-Department of Legislative Services 2009 booklet “Collateral Consequences of a Criminal
Conviction” can be found at