The Glover Report: ‘JUSTICE FOR ALL’: The Donald Trump of Baltimore. Meet State’s Attorney Candidate Thiru Vignarajah

Photo source: Facebook

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – March 26, 2018) – Last week, Thiru Vignarajah made a move against Ivan Bates and questioned Bates’ residency. Both men are challenging Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby. The judge concluded that Bates has been a viable part of Baltimore since the 90s. It was also revealed that Vignarajah was, in fact, the one with the suspect Baltimore address.

For the record, Vignarajah made the residency requirement by 2 days. Wow! endorsed Bates months ago.

Now, we are always up for a good exchange of ideas. I think that is one of the most beautiful things about our government.

Campaign worker who disrespectfully questioned Ivan Bates’ neighbors about his residency.

However, we are not for dirty tactics, including invading an opponent’s family’s privacy on a school night with young children in the house.

That’s called cruddy.

Hence, we are obligated to take a good look at Mr. Vignarajah. Voters should know what they are getting in such a man who claims to love Baltimore and who handily inserts young African Americans in his promo video with insidious references to famous black people. Vignarajah labels this … ‘Justice For All’. (Are you kidding me?)  

Welcome to Baltimore, Mr. Vignarajah! We take our politics very seriously. We respect family values. And we do not care for pandering nor sly insults to our intelligence.

Furthermore, at a time like now – we need committed public servants who are dedicated to the people. The absolute last thing we need is another sloppy politician attempting to do a snow job on our beloved citizens for the sake of self. Thank you, but we’ve had quite enough.

Below are three videos produced by Veritasvisuals. In the 2015 videos, Vignarajah is revealed in a very compromising position. Truth be told, I’m surprised this guy would even throw his hat in the ring, let alone lend his own campaign a quarter million dollars, money we have no idea about because in addition to Vignarajah’s sexual escapades, he has refused to produce his tax returns.

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