The Glover Report: The Insanity of the 41st: O’Malley vs. Pugh … vs. Oaks

Photo: Jill Carter, Director, Baltimore City Office of Civil Rights and Wage Enforcement (Facebook)

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – March 18, 2018) – Voters of the 41st state legislative district will have an interesting choice or set of choices when the Primary Election comes on June 26th.

I’m certain this won’t be to the liking of some, but I’ve tried to be quiet. However, if nothing is said now, God help us all.

So, everybody is aware that state Senator Nat Oaks is facing federal time. Chosen by the Democratic State Central Committee to replace the retired Senator Lisa Gladden, Oaks has since incurred a major legal battle having to do with illegally accepting money from a company in exchange for his lobbying on their behalf.

Some are also aware that there was a question swirling for months as to whether Sheila Dixon, the former mayor, was going to seek that seat as a way of remaining politically active until the next mayoral election on April 28, 2020.

Sheila wisely stayed out of the state race this year.

That, however, didn’t stop another story from circulating. And that is the story of Mayor Catherine Pugh urging former Delegate Jill P. Carter to run for the state Senate so as to thwart any efforts by Dixon to “make a move.” Otherwise, many of us were under the impression that Carter was done with state politics.

And this leads to the final piece of the equation, J. D. Merrill. Merrill, son-in-law to the most terrible mayor in Baltimore history, Martin O’Malley, has decided to pop-up in the 41st as a state Senatorial candidate, too. Presumably, Merrill’s camp figured he’d be able to split the black vote in the 41st – sort of how O’Malley came up the middle on Laurence Bell and Carl Stokes to become mayor in 1999.

Now, you have Oaks (who for God knows what reason has selfishly inserted himself in the 41st district senate race) against Carter against Merrill. What a fiasco!

I feel so sorry for the voters of the 41st. It seems that the political forces in the 41st will probably be supporting Carter. Yet, there are those, including a few blacks, who have already endorsed Merrill.

For me, this is Carter’s race to lose. At the same time, this is a Carter who is not the spring chicken she was when she first got elected and Merrill will likely have O’Malley in his back room. At minimum, this will be one of the most interesting races to watch as the June primary quickly approaches in less than 100 days.