The Glover Report: From Pimlico to Sandtown, Black Elected Officials Undermine Black Community

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – March 14, 2018) – To his credit, it was Will Hanna who first raised questions of the whereabouts of funds promised to the Park Heights community from slots. Quite frankly, it is confusing. However, in its simplest form, just take a look at Park Heights.

Does it look like the community has benefited from any funds set aside for it?

Further, the black community cannot say that we did not have black elected officials at the table because there have been several, including some who are still in office or somehow affiliated with the political process.

Repeatedly, I have shared how we need more black elected officials of the ilk of a Maynard Jackson, the late mayor of Atlanta. I have also shared how Marion Barry, the Mayor for Life of Washington, D.C., had a similar mindset.

These men understood the interrelationship of politics and economics. This makes me so angry as we, in Baltimore, have more black elected officials than most other cities. Yet, the black communities in Baltimore have been pimped, prostituted and sold down the river over and over again.

Look at Sandtown. The only thing new in Sandtown since the tragic death of Freddie Gray is a renovated police station. Oh, how could I forget? We also got a second homeless shelter, one that the powers that be would never put in Guilford, Roland Park or Canton.

The institutional racism in Baltimore is historic as Baltimore has a long history of segregation. Truth be told, Baltimore is a national model on how to oppress an entire community even if it does have a plethora of black elected officials.

Do check out the two op/eds by Rhonda Wimbish (Op/Ed: Redeveloping Baltimore’s Black Community by Rhonda Wimbish and Op/Ed: Wimbish’s Letter to Councilwoman Sharon Middleton Questions Newly Formed Howard Park CDC, Sean Stinnett). They shed light on the consistent efforts by black leaders to screw their own community – just as long as their careers are intact. To say the least, this is uncivilized. Worst of all, black elected officials in Baltimore have co-signed our own death.