TGR: Lackluster Performance at Democratic Gubernatorial Forum Saturday Leaves Party Aimless

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – February 26, 2018) – I’ve been a registered Democrat ever since I was old enough to vote. Born in Baltimore City, some of my first memories were the Riots of 1968. I can still see the tanks coming up North Avenue, the people rioting, and to tell you the truth, North and Patterson Park has not changed in my lifetime.

So, when I go to a political forum featuring the Democratic gubernatorial candidates, one thing I expect to hear is the truth about Maryland.

I do not want to hear rhetoric. I do not want to hear Congressman Elijah Cummings’ wife try and paint a picture that is different than the reality I know. I want the truth.

And the truth is, the Maryland Democratic Party has failed my community – the black community.

I cannot speak for my brothers and sisters in Prince George’s County. However, considering the many people I have gotten to know there over the years, many have similar thoughts as mine.

I am a Democrat, but I will vote the other way if the other person makes more sense. At present, Baltimore does not make sense.

I am told to vote Democrat by the leading voices in the area, yet my community looks the same as it did when I was a child – fifty years ago. Certain neighborhoods, on the other hand, look unblemished.

All this to say: If the Democrats are going to earn my vote, they have to do the work.

Mass incarceration is still a problem. Education is still a problem. As a matter of fact, Maryland’s education system is a massive wreck, particularly in Baltimore and Prince George’s. For whatever reasons, people can’t seem to get it right. Black business is also a challenge.

For the love of Christ, I pray the Democrats get their stuff together. While this election looks dismal for the Democrats, for once I’d like to hear the truth … instead of rhetoric.

Don’t tell me what Larry Hogan has done wrong if you’re not going to talk about the decades of failed Democratic leadership, including eight years of the ambitious presidential candidate named Martin O’Malley.

Don’t try and tear down a Republican who has paid more attention to Baltimore than the former mayor/former governor because I’m not buying it.

I’ll end with this last point: There is no money in the pot for education even though we, the public, voted for table gambling, slots, and casinos.

Thanks to Delegate Maggie McIntosh and state Senator Joan Carter Conway for introducing legislation to ensure some of this new gambling money will go to education, but we, as a community, were tricked by O’Malley. And I am pissed.

Before Democrats try and tell me about Hogan, they need to first talk about the failed leadership under the reckless O’Malley years. They’ve got to come better than what I witnessed Saturday at the War Memorial Building. It was a weak attempt to win over voters. I was absolutely embarrassed.