TGR: Only Line-of-duty Killing of a Baltimore police officer remains unsolved

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – February 22, 2018) – Is this stuff rocket science? Why has no murderer been brought forth in the murder of Baltimore homicide detective Sean Suiter?

As a black man in America, this tells me that if they can kill a cop, they damn sure can knock off a regular ‘Joe’.

With a $215,000 reward and no answers, this has been three entire months since he was killed down on Bennett Place. Sure, we have a new police commissioner. However, what we do not have is answers.

This makes no sense. The only thing that does is that Suiter was killed by one of his own because no regular ‘Joe’ is going to walk up on a Baltimore City Detective, get close enough to take his gun, and then kill him.

We are not buying it. It does not add up. I smell a damn rat!

And then, his partner du jour conveniently puts Suiter in a car and couldn’t make it to the hospital that is 2 minutes away – especially with the ability to flash lights and blow the siren?

I’m not buying it, and neither is the rest of the free world!

This is some bull shiggity and the brass and City Hall know it. None of this makes sense and what is most troubling, not one black elected official is outraged.

Why, in a city where we have more black elected officials than many other cities, are our leaders silent?

I mean, God! There are some really basic questions, in my estimation. No, I’m not a cop, but I do watch a litany of crime shows. And they all reflect the reality of America: white victim crimes get solved quicker than black victim crimes.

Whatever the case, more information should have been released by now. In a leaderless city like Baltimore, why do we not know, for instance, the activity on Suiter’s cell phone?

That alone should be a clear piece of evidence. Who was he talking to in the days prior to his murder?

David Bomenka, his partner that day, has never been noted in the news. Why?

With all of this corruption being exposed at police headquarters, you mean to tell me that killing Suiter was off the table?

Given the recent trial of the Gun Trace Task Force, it is clear to me that poppin’ somebody was indeed a possibility.

C’mon, BPD! It’s not like Suiter was out in the field going to a hostile environment. He was out doing field interviews. Who allowed him to even be outside – knowing that he had to testify the next day? Why wasn’t this man laying low?

All we know is that there is more to the story than what is being told. This does not add up and the community deserves answers. Otherwise, the regular ‘Joe’ does not know who to trust, starting with the dudes in blue.