The Glover Report: Rob Johnson Boldly Joins Cast of Greater Baltimore Challengers of Black Incumbent State Senators

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(LOCHEARN – February 1, 2018) – For all of the political junkies out there like myself, Baltimore City has some truly interesting races, especially for the state Senator racess. Delegate Mary Washington is going after Sen. Joan Carter Conway in the 43rd  – over in northeast Baltimore.

On the Eastside, Delegate Cory McCray is vying for state Senator Nathaniel McFadden’s spot in the 45th state legislative district.

Up the street in the 40th, Delegate Antonio Hayes is taking on Senator Barbara Robinson.

The 41st – up where Sheila Dixon lives – has some interesting developments.

By the way, the filing deadline is near the end of the month. So, truth be told, you never really know until then just who is who.

Anyway, here in the 44th, Aletheia McCaskill, backed by the SEIU Local 500, is going after our beloved Senator Shirley Nathan-Pulliam. This is one where I really despise a union’s input on the 44th. I’ve seen it for years. My question has always been, what about us and the education, housing, and economic development of our community? Still, no answers. I’ll save input on that for another column.

The real hot news, however, is not in Baltimore City. The latest scoop comes out of the Liberty Road corridor where Rob Johnson is demonstrating incredible testicular fortitude by challenging the most dynamic state Senator I know, Delores G. Kelley. She was my professor back at Coppin. To say the least, she knows her stuff.

A member of the Senate since 1995, I personally cannot believe that Johnson is taking a shot at this Maryland political icon. In any event, time will tell all! And, on any given election, damn near anything can happen – as the last Baltimore City election where there were 1,800 voting irregularities compared to 200 in all of the other 23 jurisdictions in Maryland combined. Further, nobody got fired.

Do stay-tuned to And also, be sure to check out our interview with Rob on Tuesday’s Facebook Live show (10-11am est) at