Baltimore Police Department Commissioner Kevin Davis Fired

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – January 19, 2017) – Well, we all saw it coming. Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis has been bumped. The only question we did not know the answer to was when.

Now, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh has to make one of the most important political decisions she has ever had to make: a new police commissioner.

With 3 years left on her term, this could make or break her political career.

If the new selection works out, then Pugh will have survived an otherwise terribly challenging scenario.

However, if the new commissioner is a flop, then one can almost assume she is a one-term mayor for sure. So much is hinged on proper policing. And so, we all just have to sit back and watch as things unfold.

But, again, the writing was on the wall for Davis from the beginning of Pugh’s administration. Somebody had to be the scapegoat, and it was him. Further, the morale of the local men and women in blue has been under siege ever since Freddie Gray.

So, while I am not a fan of this current mayoral administration, it is a good thing Pugh decided to make her move now.

At the same time, few if any elected officials understand why crime persists – even though the answer is as plain as day. A total lack of investment in the black community is where it all starts. And, the fact that we have underperforming schools – that are cold, is no help. The City of Baltimore spends more on locking up people than it does educating people with the glaring results staring us all in the eyes.

Davis, from the very beginning, had no clue about how to be effective in Baltimore. I’m just glad City Hall finally figured it out. The question now becomes if the next Commissioner is any better.