David Trone Officially Files for Congress, 6th District

(POTOMAC, MD – January 11, 2018) – On Tuesday, Congressional candidate David Trone officially filed paperwork to appear on the Democratic primary ballot.

Trone announced his candidacy in early August and has since then traveled extensively through the 6th  District talking with voters about his agenda to create jobs all throughout the district, improve the district’s infrastructure including I-81 and I-270, doubling the funding for the National Institutes of Health, and fighting the Opioid Crisis.

Trone recently rolled out his 12 Action Steps to Combat the Opioid Epidemic. The proposal lays out in depth what Trone would do in Congress to fight the opioid epidemic.

Speaking about Trone, Congressman John Delaney told the Baltimore Sun, “I’m glad my good friend David has such a deep commitment to both public service and to bringing his business experience to the political debate.” Trone has pledged to continue Delaney’s work in Congress and has said, “I’ll pick up right where John leaves off.”

Trone detailed his opposition to Donald Trump and his policies, saying that he would oppose the administration and Congress’ attempts to gut healthcare, women’s rights, education, environmental protections, and social security. “This isn’t a time to stand on the sidelines,” said Trone.

Trone says he is committed to representing the people of the 6th District rather than narrow special interests.  “I have never taken contributions from special interest PACs or lobbyists, and I never will.  I don’t want to be their Representative or beholden to anyone other than the voters.  The recent tax law is a great example of how narrow interests distort policy in ways that undermine what’s best for the country now and in the future. ”

Trone grew up on a family farm cleaning hog and chicken pens, and showing animals at local fairs as a member of the 4H. But his family struggled to keep the farm afloat and eventually went bankrupt and lost it. “Like many in Western Maryland, I grew up on a family farm and I understand their challenges and the importance of their communities, and I’ll fight to protect that way of life,” said Trone.

Trone is the founder and owner of Total Wine & More. He started the company with one store and grew it into 172 stores in 22 states. They currently employ 6,000 people. Total Wine & More has some of the highest wages and best benefits in the retail industry. They also invest in team members by paying for them to earn their GEDs and have a pilot program that offers a four-year college degree paid for by the company.

The Trone family has an extensive record of charitable giving. Over the last three years alone, Total Wine & More’s charitable donations totaled almost $20 million to 7,000 local organizations. David, and his wife June have donated millions more through their foundation, including a recent $2.5 million contribution to Suburban Hospital in Montgomery County to help expand addiction and mental health treatment.

The family has also been among the largest supporters of the ACLU for over 20 years and gave $15 million to the organization in 2015. In recognition of David and June’s longtime support, the ACLU created the Trone Center for Justice and Equality.

David and June also established a legal assistance fund for people who have been impacted by Trump’s travel ban targeting Muslims.

More information about David Trone and his campaign for Congress can be found at davidtrone.com.