It’s time for accountability. It’s time for change. #ivanbates #statesattorney #baltimore

January 8 will mark the third anniversary of Marilyn Mosby’s swearing-in as State’s Attorney. During her tenure as Baltimore City’s chief law enforcement officer, our city has endured 1,000 murders (and counting). This is an utterly staggering figure.

The sole mission of the State’s Attorney’s Office is to safeguard communities in Baltimore City through the effective prosecution of crime. As State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby is failing to execute her sole mission. It’s time for change. Please make a contribution now to support my campaign.

Sadly, Baltimore City is all too familiar with the pain of losing loved ones from violence. However, the homicide rate, along with nearly every other category of crime, has gone up since the current State’s Attorney took office. For the third consecutive year, our city has endured 300 plus murders. In fact, 2017 is now the deadliest year per capita on record in the city’s history. The second deadliest year was in 2015.

During the entire four-year tenure of former State’s Attorney Gregg Bernstein, there were 860 homicides. It only took two and a half years for this many murders to occur under Marilyn Mosby’s watch.

“The police are doing their jobs and taking the bad guys off the street. And, despite what the current State’s Attorney tells you, the judges are doing their jobs,” declared Marilyn Mosby when she announced she was running against her predecessor. “The only one that is not getting the job done is the State’s Attorney. The State’s Attorney is the only one failing to obtain convictions, failing to engage communities, failing to administer justice fairly and failing to break down what has become a culture of distrust in this city.”

While I do not believe the homicide rate is anyone’s sole responsibility, there is a mountain of evidence that the rapid increase in crime has been a result of the inexperience of the current State’s Attorney. She was not qualified for the job when she took office in 2015 and her record of failure is all of the proof we need.

It is up to the State’s Attorney’s Office to win cases, put offenders in jail and send a message. So what’s changed in the past three years? Over half of the experienced prosecutors that were employed by the State’s Attorney’s Office have left. Marilyn Mosby has fired career prosecutors in the middle of trial and created an environment where many others have quit.

The current State’s Attorney may want us to believe that everyone else stopped doing their job to keep the city safe, but facts don’t lie. It seems Marilyn Mosby doesn’t want to be held accountable in the same way she demanded her predecessor be accountable. It’s time we stop letting her point fingers at other people because as State’s Attorney you do not have the luxury to make excuses.

“My message is we’re in a state of crisis. We have to do something different,” Marilyn Mosby said in 2013. “What’s happening in the State’s Attorney’s Office is not acceptable. They’re not getting convictions.” She made this impassioned plea when Baltimore City was averaging a little more than 200 murders a year. Now with our third consecutive year of 300 plus murders, Marilyn Mosby is unwilling to take responsibility and has become silent as if she is hoping to go unnoticed.

Crime is absolutely out of control, and it will not get better until we make a change. The future of our city and your safety rests on the choice we make next June. We need an experienced prosecutor and not a politician in charge of the State’s Attorney’s Office. We must restore the public’s trust in how we successfully prosecute crime.

I have spent the past year knocking on doors, making phone calls and talking to residents all across the city. Volunteers have showed up in force to help me every stretch of the way. Our campaign is gaining momentum because our city demands new leadership.

To close out the year, I need your help. There are 178 days until the primary election on June 26Will you help me raise $17,800 between now and Monday, January 1 by making an online contribution?

I appreciate all of the support and encouragement you have given me over the past year. I’m standing up for Baltimore, and I know I can count on you to be there with me!

All the best,

Ivan J. Bates
Democrat for State’s Attorney