The Glover Report: Dear Baltimore, We Have Black Elected Democrats to Thank!

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – December 28, 2017) – There was a time when I had some semblance of faith in being a Democrat. After all, I live in a 9-to-1 Democratic town, Baltimore. Overall, the State of Maryland is 2-to-1 Democrat.

Now, before I proceed, I am in no way advocating for the Republicans or the Independents – locally, statewide or nationally. Let’s be clear.

The question I am raising, however, is what benefit has the black community in Baltimore gained after decades of voting Democrat?

North and Patterson Park in Historic East Baltimore is where my first memories occurred. It was 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had just been killed. And Baltimore, like many other cities around the country, was in full riot mode.

Here we are on the verge of 2018, some fifty years later – North and Patterson Park looks exactly the same. Head west on North Avenue, however, to North and Charles, and one will find that the community is being transformed before our very eyes.

Who has been in charge? Democrats!

Again, I am not advocating for black people to change parties, although I am determined to get some answers. What has been the benefit?

The last time I checked, black people are fleeing Baltimore like it is a lethal virus. On the other hand, I see white developers lining up to take this city from the people. And who is helping usher in this new era of gentrification? Ummm, a ton of black elected officials!

Port Covington. Port Covington would not have received any traction had it not been for black elected officials. My thought is that, one by one, our black elected officials were bought-off with hush money. The end result: “Sagamore Development has requested $1.1 billion in federal, state and municipal government financing, including $535 million in tax increment financing (TIF) from the City of Baltimore. The proposed TIF is the largest ever proposed in Baltimore, and would be one of the largest TIFs in the country.”

Sure, there were some empty promises that black people, at least – those who are still around, will see come to fruition; but, compared to the larger loaf of bread, blacks will only get crumbs.

Black Democrats in Baltimore have failed the people. Just recently, the City of Baltimore under Mayor “No Clue” Pugh reached out to Massachusetts-based Roca. She is paying them $17 million for an anti-violence program.

Question: Why not take that foundation money and invest it in the communities most in need with programs any moron knows are necessary, like work force development, GED classes, and enhanced recreational services?

Yet, y’all voted for her over former Mayor Sheila Dixon, because I sure as hell didn’t! My beloved black and white brothers and sisters are finding out, slowly but surely, that it was the biggest mistake ever. Pugh has continued the O’Malley-Blake tradition of ignoring the people.

And who stood with Pugh on stage the night she won? Nearly every black local and state official, including some in Prince George’s County.

You see, when our people get into the political game, there is this race to get to the head of the party. So, instead of going to City Hall or to Annapolis with the top priority of serving their constituents, our officials become more focused on self.

All I am saying is that we, the black community, have been voting for a bunch of inept and ineffective people who have failed to deliver for far too long. Our communities, too often, look like they did in ’68.

So, why do we keep voting for an Elijah Cummings? We need more than his annual job fair and his typical Baptist sermon because we, at the same time, see other communities get not only the loaf, but the entire bread factory. Our communities, on the other hand, are failing.

Here in Sandtown, we are losing yet another elementary school. The last one that will be standing soon (can you believe it?) will be Gilmor Elementary. Local news reports suggest the Baltimore City Public Schools system has lost 1,700 students over the past 10 years.

Increasingly, black people are making an exodus from Baltimore. Soon, I’m afraid, there won’t be any black people left. You can thank the next black Democratic elected official you see for this. And it is utterly pathetic.

Question: Has Park Heights ever seen any of the millions of dollars in racetrack impact funds from the deal in Pimlico made years ago? People have been asking questions for years. Still, no answers.

Blacks were also told to vote for table gambling and slots. Our black elected officials believed what then-Governor Martin O’Malley was touting and went for it. Question: What has been the benefit for the black community? The same goes for the Maryland State Lottery we were tricked into taking from Little Willie Adams. $13 billion dollars later, we have a new football stadium and a new baseball stadium, but the community that supports it heavily if not the most gets nothing.

From what I see, by the time it is all said and done, black people will have either died from stress, OD’d off of Fentanyl or, God forbid, Carfentanil, gotten shot in what is a most murderous American city, or simply moved away. And who do we have to thank? I say, a lot of the blame goes on black elected officials who forgot their role. God have mercy on our souls because I have absolutely zero faith in Baltimore’s black Democratic officials, including Cummings. I think they should all just quit and go home because given the state of the black community, it is obvious that the lights are on, but nobody’s home.

Should’a voted for Sheila!