TGR: INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW: Where Did Gary Brown Get $18k to Put in Pugh Campaign?

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – December 13, 2017) – Where did Gary Brown get the $18,000 he put into the Catherine Pugh for Mayor campaign and why has that investigation stopped? After all, he threw his own mother, brother, and step-father under the bus. Sheila Dixon, despite what the white mainstream media has put out there, would never implicate a young person into doing anything that would otherwise destroy his or her career. Yet, Pugh did it and there is no consequence.

All we heard during the last mayoral campaign is how Dixon was bad. Alex Sanchez did a wicked commercial. He was a supporter of former Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley; that is, after Nick Mosby was suddenly kicked to the curb by the establishment. Well, why hasn’t the truth come out about Pugh?

Fair is fair, right?

I guess they, the Democrats, got what they wanted: The City of Baltimore under a Catherine Pugh administration. Having cancelled and then re-installing the annual MLK Parade yesterday, she has demonstrated that she does not have black folks interests in mind. She has shown, what many of us already knew, that she is unfit to be the mayor of Baltimore. Where, I ask, is the City Council’s vote of no confidence? Why hasn’t this woman been challenged?

In a 9-to-1 Democratic town, why are these questions still lingering? Who failed to address these issues? Was it Attorney General Brian Frosh? Please, do not tell me it was Armstead Jones and the Baltimore City Board of Elections? And he wasn’t fired after clearly demonstrating his bias? Really?

Throughout the last primary election, the Baltimore City Board of Elections failed to answer why 1,800 voting irregularities went unanswered in Baltimore City compared to 200 in the rest of the entire state. And, nobody saw a problem?

Question: Was Pugh elected or was she selected by the Maryland Democratic machine?

All we heard about from people like WBAL TV-11’s Barry Simms was that Sheila Dixon was the “former mayor” removed because of embezzlement. What we did not hear was how Catherine Pugh was given money by people like Gary Brown that was illegal. We haven’t heard a peep from folks who claim to be investigative journalists.

What we did not hear, also, was the rest of the story. Where did Gary Brown get the money? Yet, we hold such mainstream journalists in reverence. For what?

Something is wrong with Baltimore. There is a foul smell in the air and its stench permeates throughout the city.

Further, there has not been one word about the riot at Pugh’s campaign office in West Baltimore on election day. Why? Can you actually procure a vote with a chicken box? She did and there was not one question raised.

Why has this news been buried? Why has no person been put on the spot about the worst election violations in the modern-day history of Baltimore?