TGR: MLK Parade Cancelled by Baltimore Mayor Catherine Elizabeth Pugh

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – December 11, 2017) – I am absolutely mortified. Baltimore Mayor Catherine Elizabeth Pugh has cancelled a Baltimore staple for the past 17 years. Even Martin O’Malley and his mentee, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, had sense enough not to touch it. But, Pugh indeed has the audacity to do so, further demonstrating her disdain for the black community.

Like I’ve said before, y’all voted for her, because I sure as hell didn’t.

I’ll never forget this last election in Baltimore. Former Mayor Sheila Dixon went up against the entire Democratic structure in this state. And, by our measurements, she won. However, the State Board of Elections in conjunction with the trifling Baltimore City Board of Elections allowed for at least 1,800 voting irregularities. And not one soul in the realm of elected officials raised a word.

In the end, Pugh and the Maryland Democratic establishment stole the election from Dixon.

Today, the unbelievers are finally seeing what they paid for and are slowly coming to the knowledge of what others knew all along: Catherine Pugh is the wrong person for the job.

So, re-branding Afram is one thing. Sure, the annual black festival in Baltimore being moved to Druid Hill Park for one day instead of 3 was a smack in the face. Now, though, Mayor Pugh has decided to eliminate the day many of us adore, despite the brutal cold. Personally, I chose Morehouse College because of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., so to lose this parade is nothing short of getting stabbed in the back … and by another person of color. Seems like black-on-black crime is more pervasive than initially thought.

Growing up in Baltimore, Dr. King and Malcolm X gave a child like me hope and a reason to make it despite all odds. Somewhere along the line, it is obvious that Pugh has no idea of such hope. God have mercy on her soul.