Op/Ed: White Power, Detective Sean Suiter, and Crime in Baltimore by Ralph E. johnson, jr.

(BALTIMORE – November 28, 2017) – When I read that Mayor Pugh and Jewish City Councilman Isaac Schleifer awarded a $50,000 Chevy Tahoe to the Jewish neighborhood watch group Shomrim to stop crime, my first instinct was to say, “Stop what f*cking crime?” Shomrim patrols affluent Jewish neighborhoods in Upper Park Heights and Pikesville.

The only crime they lookout for is when black people appear to be walking around Jewish neighborhoods without their ‘freedom papers’. When it comes to black people, Shomrim is nothing but a group of vigilante thugs who claim territory they don’t own. In 2012, a member of Shomrim did his best impersonation of George Zimmerman and beat the hell out of a black teenager who was caught on Shomrim’s forbidden grounds. He was sentenced to three years probation, but a year later, a judge, properly Uncle Tom-a** Judge Williams (from the Freddie Gray Trials), reduced his sentence to probation before judgement!

The reason there’s a major crime disparity between black and white communities in Baltimore is because predominately white communities are constantly receiving funds for development and safety, while black communities are ‘nickel and dimed’ with a grant ‘here’ and a promise ‘there’. Communities with the most crime and murders get the least attention and less resources for safety.

Even the area where Det. Sean Suiter was murdered, it was not beefed up with police after the “Murder She Wrote” cover up. The police shut down a black neighborhood for one week looking for a black man, who was dressed in all black according his white partner, who hid behind a black car in the blackness of night! Then ironically police vacated the crime scene two days before ‘Black Friday’ so officers could be available to protect white malls.

I’m sorry, but this is how Black Baltimore sees things. Decades of discrimination and abuse will make you believe the very opposite the status quo wants you to believe! The bottomline is that conditions of poverty stricken zones in Baltimore City lets you know how much the leadership thinks about black people. Community associations in high crime areas have to give raffles, fish dinners and bake sales to buy “Stop The Killing” tee-shirts as a means of combating crime.

The $50,000 for the Tahoe came from the proceeds of slot machines that supposed to go to neighborhoods within a one-mile radius of Pimlico.

However, instead of giving 50k to poorly resourced schools or allocating it to areas in Park Heights that look like Vietnam, Mayor Pugh and Councilman Schleifer awarded it to an already prosperous community that could have purchased its own SUV.

The money could have gone to Park Heights community leaders like George Mitchell who goes into his own pockets to resource the Langston Hughes Community Center to divert youth from crime and enhance the community of Park Heights-at-large. Mayor Pugh has a fetish for kissing the a** of predominately white populated zones. The money game that’s being played in this city is not about crime. If it was, the inner city would be flooded with Tahoes, Expeditions and Hummers.

The money game is about Mayor Pugh looking out for the people who supported her campaign! Beefing up Federal Hill with police and ignoring Federal Street [in East Baltimore] is about paying-off political debts. What two-faced leadership and big money developers in this town must understand is that the days of minority rule and concentrated poverty is coming to an end.

For those who call me a racist for putting racism on blast, spend your energy addressing the social blue print of Racial Segregation and Economic Inequality in Baltimore.

Nobody wants to talk about race on that level. It’s easier and more desirable for our leaders to continue to manage a broken system based on pure racism rather than redraw a new blue print based on de-concentrated poverty and economic equality. One thing for sure: a lie will never last forever. It’s only a matter of time before a new generation of leaders will rise up and change “Business As Usual.” Written by Ralph E. johnson jr. Books by Ralph can be purchased at: www.REjjrPublications.com GB!