Guest Editorial: For all the Brothers and Sisters that just could not find it in there hearts to protest the NFL by Robert Scott

(ATLANTA – October 29, 2017) – For all the Brothers and Sisters that just could not find it in there hearts to protest the NFL, I respect your rights not to protest and still love you dearly. Sometimes CHANGE doesn’t trump the yearn to see Black Men and Women entertain us. We get caught up in the hype on both sides. I love the NFL, as well. I just wear my people’s struggle on my collar and can’t ignore the whispers for change.

Again, the numbers are in our favor. We just need to release the patriotic programming to allow CHANGE to program-in honor, consideration and respect for those who had to be amended into the Constitution. Don’t take it personal, just understand that the paradise you covet can be lost. Ask Puerto Rico, U.S. VI and a myriad of other islands in the Caribbean. Paradise lost is repeating itself 30 years later in an imminent NFL STRIKE that will happen.

It’s not about Kaepernick, but includes him. The race to quiet Kap was fueled by more than the injustices Blacks were experiencing. They recruited Black ex-military and Black civilian patriots to fall into that trench and give their sanity and BLACK cards away defending a FLAG. Well, it was not about a flag nor the military (unless you were following TRUMP).

The real issue to the owners is Billions of dollars tied up into past, present and future NFL players with regard to CTE (concussion litigation) and the new NFL contract. Remember, the current one has no GUARANTEED income for players. The last STRIKE had the owners winning and they put the bowels of conservatism into the contract making one that has no security for players risking CTE conditions that shorten a players life. I could see it coming a mile away.

Get ready folks. A STRIKE is on its way and it will be upheld by people like Gisele Bündchen, Tom Brady’s wife who has already called-him-out for his memory-loss stemming from multiple concussions. If you think I’m lying, check Roger Goddell’s position on WHY WE PROTEST!

And if you don’t support protest, I’m sure you will be upset when they strike. 75% of the players represent a UNION that has just said it would STAND WITH THE PLAYERS WITH PROTEST. So the 25% of the Non-Black players and all the fans who can’t do without them will just have to go along with those who wish to improve life for the Black community.