Guest Editorial: There is power in the numbers! by Robert Scott

(ATLANTA – October 25, 2017) – Power is the ability to define reality and have others respond to that reality as if it is their own. Somewhere, somehow our people have allowed someone (else) to define who and what our struggle and protest is really about. It didn’t start with Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem, but it includes it. It didn’t start with but is inclusive of 30-year-old nurse, Ieshia Evans who decided to take a stand by stepping in the street and getting arrested by militarily armored police in Baton Rouge. That iconic picture went viral. The struggle has been basically the same for quite some time. The over-policing, over-prosecution and under-serving of Black people and the Black community is the reason why we protest. On a broader scale, it’s that “elephant-in-the-room,” racism.

It’s not about the military and it’s not about the flag. It’s about the tradition of hunt and pursuit of African Americans in this country. Based on a time.comarticle, “How the U.S. Got Its Police Force” written by Olivia B. Waxman, the first police force in the country that was paid-for by public money was started in Boston in 1838. They were primarily patrolling and protecting the safety of the transport of goods. Waxman writes, “In the South, however, the economics that drove the creation of police forces were centered not on the protection of shipping interests but on the preservation of the slavery system. Some of the primary policing institutions were the slave patrols tasked with chasing down runaways and preventing slave revolts, Potter says; the first formal slave patrol had been created in the Carolina colonies in 1704.” When Black people complain about the deaths and beatings of unarmed Black men, women, boys and girls in the custody of Police they are speaking from 400 years of constant experience.

What is so different now than in the past? Well, simply said, it’s the control and manipulation of false narratives. It has been said that history is told by the victor. Whether true or not, the victor exercises their ability to use numbers to dominate the economics, sociology, politics, religion and media. The control of those 5 aspects of life allows a group to define reality and have others respond and accept that reality to be the truth. Europe, by sheer land-mass is substantially smaller than regions like Asia and continents like Africa. Europeans, on a broader scale encompassing times prior to Western Civilization, were relatively late to the table with respect to world travel, agriculture, psychology, mathematics and science. They learned over time through pilgrimages and study in Egypt, Ethiopia and Timbuktu what would take to dominate and control the world. They learned from people like Mansa Musa, Hannibal Borca, King Rameses I, Taharqa, Amenhotep III, Endubis Sundiata Keita, Ezana Exum, Oba Ewuare, Oba Oduduwa and Sonni Ali. They learned to master the manipulation of numbers to use science, politics, sociology and militarization to construct a worldwide narrative that centered around Europeans being a master-race. They learned spirituality which placed them in touch with God and creation. Spirituality gave them a system of beliefs and a protocol for life which they later converted to religion. Dr. John Henrik Clarke said, “religion ultimately is the organization of spirituality into something that becomes the hand-maiden of conquerors.”

Numbers come into play because a large group of people who each share the same beliefs can be mobilized. Religion has been the system of beliefs that has caused most of the wars known to man. The other wars have been solely due to one group taking land and resources from another group for sheer survival or lack of humanity. Follow the history. In the case of Europe, they conquered distant lands and displaced, isolated and exterminated the people native to those lands for profit and control. Their justification was in each case, religion. Yes, they killed in the name of God. That is the narrative that is offered. Most believe in the narrative blindly. Even the descendants of the natives and the captured get programmed to perpetuate those false narratives. Those descendants are Aboriginal Australians, New Zealanders, Tasmanians, Pacific Islanders, African Americans, African Europeans, African Central and South Americans (to include Brazilians) Afro Mexicans and all the Caribbean Islanders. Each are subjects of false narratives. Each have been tragically exposed to this religion-backed rape and terror. Most embrace the very religions used to paralyze them. A great deal of those embrace the false narratives place against them in favor of their captors. “Black-on-Black crime being worse than White-on-White crime,” is an example of false narratives placed on Blacks and blindly embraced by Blacks. Why blindly? The narrative is accepted without consideration of the theory of proximity. That’s crucial!

Numbers were eventually used by Europeans to further manipulate and control the demographic profile of natives and lands new to Europeans. They transplanted huge volumes of White Europeans into these new lands after conquering them in the name of a European monarch and deity. In an article entitled, “5 Nations That Imported Europeans to Whiten the Population,” the writer A Moore states: “After the trans-Atlantic slave trade was officially abolished toward the end of the 19th century, many whites felt threatened and feared free Blacks would become a menacing element in society. The elites spent a great deal of time mulling over how best to solve the so-called Negro problem. A popular solution that emerged during this period was the ideology of racial whitening or ‘whitening.’ Supporters of the ‘whitening’ ideology believed that if a ‘superior’ white population was encouraged to mix with an ‘inferior’ Black population, Blacks would advance culturally, genetically or even disappear totally, within several generations. Some also believed that an influx of immigrants from Europe would be necessary to successfully carry out the process.” That large transplant of Europeans solidified a new narrative required in the Americas. Quite frankly, South America and the Caribbean had both become places where African slaves out-numbered their European captors. One would ask, how did the Europeans maintain a narrative of superiority even when their numbers suggested they were inferior? The answer is the knowledge of history, it’s true length and how to master the mathematics of time and space.

Per Wiki, “western civilization traces its roots back to Western Europe and the Western Mediterranean. It is linked to the Roman Empire and with Medieval Western Christendom which emerged from the Middle Ages to experience such transformative episodes as the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, scientific revolution, and the development of liberal democracy. The civilizations of Classical Greece, Ancient Rome, and Ancient Israel are considered seminal periods in Western history; a few cultural contributions also emerged from the pagan peoples of pre-Christian Europe, such as the Celts and Germans. Christianity and Roman Catholicism has played a prominent role in the shaping of Western civilization, which throughout most of its history, has been nearly equivalent to Christian culture. Western civilization has spread to produce the dominant cultures of modern Americas and Oceania, and has had immense global influence in recent centuries in many ways.”

What’s in the numbers? The height of Roman Empire lasted only 500 years, though there are Octavian claims of 1500. The Protestant reformation lasted 150 years. The rise of western empires lasted from 1500 to 1800 or only 300 years. The core of European culture, arts and sciences to include Concordat of 1801, Congress of Vienna, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Louis Pasteur, Joseph Lister, Periodic table, Neoclassicism, Romanticism Realism, Impressionism all occurred between 1815-1914. The scramble for post slavery Africa between 1881 and World War I in 1914. The Opium Wars! The First Opium War was from 1839 to 1842 and the Second Opium War was from 1856 to 1860. The Boxer Rebellion occurred between 1898 and 1901. The Russo-Turkish War lasted from 1877–1878 and Antarctica was the last continent to be discovered. Each of these happened between 1870 and 1914. No matter how you look at it we are speaking about a relatively short amount of time. Western civilization is merely a blip on the screen when you take a broader perspective.

By the numbers, there were 25 Dynasties in Egypt (Kemet) before the first European ever saw Egypt. (Dynasties ranged from 150 to 400 years or much more.) Those Europeans were Greeks who had come to study mathematics, science, agriculture, politics, sociology, linguistics (hieroglyphics and spoken), spirituality, ship-building and masonry. They embraced the new concept of monotheism, the risen messiah and the original holy trinity. They embrace the Black Madonna and child. By the 32nd Dynasty Egypt had a European Pharaoh. The bible makes reference to that Pharaoh. Many Blacks have no idea of their role in antiquity. Some dispute the race of Cleopatra and question why Liz Taylor and several other White actresses played her on film. The fact is that Cleopatra was from a time when Egypt’s reign was practically over. It was then quite multi-racial in the hierarchy. Queen Cleopatra VII was born in Alexandra in 69BC into a Macedonian Greek dynasty that ruled Egypt for three centuries. That time is the only time Europeans make reference to Egypt. They avoid the earlier dynasties that were heavily influenced by the Nubians of southern Kemet. The earlier dynasties constructed the pyramids, the Sphinx and the temples with hieroglyphs.

Dialing it back even further, the first San Bushmen left Southern Africa on a migration that would populate the world 35,000 years before the pyramids were built. Now modern technology via DNA genome science tells us who was first and when things happened. In recent years prior to modern technology Europeans ruled as the victor and constructed the narrative that many adhere to today.

Look at the numbers from the perspective of a time-line. Western Civilization from a European perspective gains its order and agreement to conquer roughly around year 1,000 AD. In 325 AD Constantine and 300+ bishops held the Nicaean Councils (Conferences) which in effect took the Kemetic/Egyptian Spiritual system and re-associated it with a new identity. They re-shaped and re-packaged it to create and certify a religion called Christianity. There were Coptic versions of the bible created in Amharic and Hebrew by the Coptic Christians of Ethiopia and Egypt. Those bibles were translated into Greek for the Greek Orthodox Church and Latin for the Roman Catholic Church. Egyptian ancestors and their life stories gained new life thousands of years later with a few alterations. The goal was to take a Black civilization and change the narrative and individual participants and paint a new picture. The African faces and names got new Euro-centric identities even though Europeans didn’t exist in the region and time the texts described. How did they do this? They did it with time and control of the narrative. They destroyed many of the texts and scrolls along with statues and carvings. They empowered themselves. They were outnumbered and in environments where there were powerful and wealthy African Men controlling the wealth and trade of the world. They organized into a carefully planned united force of race, fear and terror to change the narrative and conquer the world.

Not known by many but one of the reasons Europeans had hatred for Africans is the fact that Africans ruled in Europe for hundreds of years. Not very long ago by perspective, Europeans were being introduced to people like the Moors. The Moors ruled Spain and Southern Europe for 700 years and may have occupied Spain for 900+ years. In 711 Europe had fallen into a semi barbarous state due to the fall of the Roman empire. An African General by the name of Tarik Ibn Ziad lead an army of 7,000 men and took over southern France until being turned back by Charlemagne’ grandfather. The Moors ruled in Europe for so long because they executed government better than the Roman empire did. The Moors introduced African Sciences translated into Greek, Arabic, Persian and Indian. They greatly reduced the tax on citizens. As knowledge lovers they created 17 Universities in Europe where before there were only two. They taught the Jewish who went on to create the famous University of Oxford in England. They Democratized education, founded medical schools were that at the forefront of knowledge in those times. They urbanized Spain through road paving, pedestrian walk construction, street lights projects and by building hundreds of public showers and Mosques.

When you look at the numbers it wasn’t until 1492 when the Moors were being driven out of Spain. The Europeans had re-formed under a new nationalist pact and a new religion that now had texts translated into other European languages. Around that time, the last to fully convert to Christianity were the Pagan English, German and Celts. They were traveling the world conquering in the name of England and the monarchy. By the 1600s they had experienced the Protestant reformation (via Martin Luther) and invented an even more Euro-centric version of Christianity based on the concepts of White Supremacy. They and the rest of Europe were armed with tools to paint a narrative that elevated them by race to be God-like and anyone else, sub-human. They deemed themselves as the civilizers of the world.

Though John Wycliffe was the first to translate the bible into English, King James commissioned several writers as translators to include possibly William Shakespeare. Shakespeare is readily associated with translating the 46 Psalm and possibly others. The other translators are people like John Harman, M.A., New College, Oxford. John Spencer, Thomas Bilson, Dr. George Abbot, B.D., D.D., and Sir Henry Saville. Sir Henry Saville was a fellow of Merton College and Warden in 1585. By 1596 he was Provost of Eton College and tutor to Queen Elizabeth I. He founded the Savillian professorships of Mathematics and Astronomy at Oxford. His many works include an 8-volume set of the writings of Chrysostom. He also worked in the New Testament group at Oxford with translator Lancelot Andrewes. They were men carrying out an agenda of world conquer. Just look at the numbers. Look at the dates. The English reading King James version of bible was being released in 1611 just in time to sail with each of the British slave ships.
Per K Abel, of Atlanta Black Star Magazine, “the first British slave ship to reach the Americas was known as Jesus of Lubeck. If this isn’t a sign of bad things to come, then what is? The first British slave ship to reach the Americas was called Jesus of Lubeck. Between 1562 and 1567, Britain’s very first slave trader, John Hawkins, profited so greatly from the slave trade, that it caught the Queen’s attention. She donated the Jesus of Lubeck and another ship called … wait for it … The Minion, as an investment into Hawkins’ enterprise.” He raided Africa raping her of her people and took them into the Caribbean and Central America worked them as slaves. In 1619 slavery in North America began when the first African slaves were brought to the North American colony of Jamestown, Virginia to aid in the production of crops like tobacco. The narrative had been painted that anyone coming to the new land could come work-off any debt they may have incurred for the journey over or for crimes committed. Some of the first Africans that came over to the Jamestown settlement were under the agreement of indentured servitude. It didn’t take long for the new U.S. colonies to individually begin to restructure the narrative to one where Whites were superior to Blacks and that Blacks were to serve whites indefinitely. The Maryland Doctrine of Exclusion was collectively written by the Maryland Colony Council in 1638, and states the following, “Neither the existing black population, their descendants, nor any other blacks shall be permitted to enjoy the fruits of White society.” That narrative reigned over this country and today we are protesting those same practices.

We have been battling slavery, Jim Crow America and the current relapse into racism by the current presidential administration. It’s as if Adolph Hitler has returned and all the mainstream people are afraid to take a stand publicly against his racism, sexism and misogyny. He speaks down to Blacks as if Blacks were inferior to him. He disrespected a sitting President based solely on that President’s race and questioned the ability of a Judge to preside over his case based solely on that judge’s race. That judge was an American born citizen of Mexican heritage. He consults White nationalists like Steve Bannon and doesn’t care what his hatred festers. I’ll borrow from brilliant author and community activist, Avon Bellamy Sr, “we’ve come from the slave ship to the White House. Without realizing it – they created a super being in the bowels of those slave ships because only the strongest spiritually, mentally and physically survived and then interbred. The Master Race Hitler tried to produce was produced 322 years earlier and is black in color.”

Today we are faced with the same issues we’ve been dealing with since 1492 when the Europeans finally drove the Black/African Moors out of Europe. Like Egypt, they destroyed almost all the books, art and evidence of Africa introducing civilization to Europe. We all know Africa introduced irrigation, agriculture, antibiotics, aqueducts, sanitation, medicine and science to Europe. They have created a false narrative by controlling the content and distribution of the media and text. Each of the literary classics of Western Civilization characterizes Blacks and other non-whites in a negative or subservient manner. From the Iliad to the Odyssey to the Bible to Ben Hur to Don Quixote the underlying narrative shows that Blacks/Africans either did not exist or did not contribute positively to history in Western Civilization. Biblical characters obviously born in Ethiopia, Egypt or the Middle East are not properly represented in movies, TV and print as being culturally and racially accurate. The scriptures describe the Messiah to have hair like lamb’s wool and feet of copper. Translations and interpretations would make one think the African has no place in world history, much less biblical text. Today, Blacks are fighting still to be recognized and treated equally. For four hundred years we have been hunted by the same slave patrols that were enlisted in 1704 in Virginia. Today, they are the modern police force. The tradition of treating Blacks and Latinos as sub-human or inferior is adopted by many Black, Latino and Asian police. It’s the system and it has built-in insulation by a blue veil of secrecy fueled by White Supremacy.

So, what are we going to do? How do we take a situation very similar to the one that Europeans were in with Black/Africans when the Moors were civilizing Europe? It takes courage and de-programming. Europeans used their numbers to flip the script. They found a way to WIN and continue to WIN. What we have to do as Black people is develop that sense of urgency needed to make things happen. As soon as someone in America feels they are not being heard there is a constitution that has some really important wording that actually covers EVERYONE. To have that work for you there is a period of time, long or short that will require some struggle. For the longest Blacks have had everything working against us. We pray to God, but don’t seem to listen to him. We have become perpetual losers and that can change. CHANGE! Change is what we collectively have focused-on for the last 9 years. We’ve tasted it and now are properly positioned to take advantage of the best opportunity for change ever. We have numbers in our favor.

What do we do with them? First, we have zeros and ones! They reference communication protocols that allow computers, tablets and phones to access information on the Internet. We can stay informed and re-educate ourselves with the truth and vocations that allow us to remain relevant in the work-force. We just need to be motivated to accept the truth. We also finally have an advantage in this country with numbers. We have a chance to use numbers to further a struggle we have been fighting since 1619. We are now 12% of the population in this country and actually have been about the same percentage since then. In 1865 the Emancipation Proclamation not only suggested an end to slavery but it placed a (0%) zero-sum immigration quota on Africa and any country or island-nation that has descendants of Africans. This was designed to control the population of African Americans in the US, thus relegating Blacks to a minority perpetually and diluting voting power. The quota was implemented and didn’t change until the 1960s when Black people from the Caribbean were slowly allowed to enter the country. That new quote was raised from 0% to 1%. Based on an article by Henry Louis Gates published in the Root, the 40 plus million African Americans living in this country are the descendants of only 388,000 Africans brought to North America between 1525 and 1866. There were 5,000,000 Africans taken to Brazil alone. Today, Brazil’s population is made up of 54% African Brazilians. The numbers speak volumes and we need to take advantage of an opportunity that has come to us by evolution. The question is, do we know how to take that advantage and WIN with it?

Today we have observed countless numbers of African American men, women, boys and girls that have been beaten and shot to death in the custody of Police. It’s nothing new. We have complained, marched and protested and each time Police are acquitted of obvious killings. We are being suppressed because of our minority status. We also are possibly at our least politically-conscious as a group or race of people. Many of our children are spoiled and disconnected. Most others seem to have the fire when awakened and exposed to the past. Our problem is not as much with the youth as it is with grown adults. Professional football players and the fans that follow them. Black people have a chance to make change for the core of Black people who are being shot and harassed by police. Traditionally, Black people have been over-policed, over-prosecuted and under-served by the police departments across this country. It’s not individual, it happens in every case. We have the ability to make change by using our numbers and a rare advantage that we have.

The NFL is a modern example of the system of slavery from the conservative owners to the combine and its circus of manhood. The players are judged based on the size of their hips, thighs, chest and hands. They are clocked for speed, measured for jumping ability, tested for agility and judged closely by their actions opinions or attitudes before being drafted or chosen to play for teams. As well, football players make the least amount of money compared to the NBA and MLB. Both the NBA and MLB get large percentage of their salaries guaranteed. NFL owners to do guaranteed contracts. That means that if an NFL player signed a 4-year $20-Million dollar contract and the owner wanted to cut them after year one, that player is cut and out of the rest of that money. They can control players by dangling that carrot over their heads. To make matters worse, you have the concussion issue that the NFL is dodging and trying to down-play.

The fact is African Americans make up 70% of the NFL players. If half of that 70% protested we would begin to see change. The place to make numbers work for you is right in the pocket. Effect the cash-flow and you get the attention of ownership. The last thing they want to do is lose money. As well, if they start suspending players then so be it. They won’t begin a season without their superstars in place. Most of the teams in the league are really not trying to win. They are content with the profits they are making with the new TV deals. They don’t plan to spend the money it takes to be competitive. At the same time conservative owners are rallying with the President, White Conservatives and even some handkerchief-head Blacks who fall for the flag or military spin. The struggle has never changed but some Blacks can’t seem to come together to make the change that we all want to happen. Not just some players, there are Black fans that can’t think of PROTEST. Think of that! Black people who won’t protest for the protection of their sons and daughters. Why? Because of a SPORT! The numbers we have in our favor. All we have to do is protest and make them feel it in the pocket, and a M—– —–r gonna tell you about a flag and an anthem. A Black Man! (with a Euro-centric name forced on him) Not his child, his father, mother or sister’s respect and safety in policeman’s presence! They are worried about whether his team wins or loses. That’s the sign of a perpetual loser!

It’s not over though. Just a few days ago another policeman shot and killed an un-armed Black man. Guess what? I’m sure it will happen again. The very next time we get a public shooting of a Black person maybe it will enrage other Blacks. What Whites know is that Black people will cry and grumble, but when it comes time to take a stand or knee for themselves only the true warriors will protest. The others have too many friends that would be offended and will just wait until things die down and go back to being Blackish. I have confidence, however in the warriors. Many of those warriors are like Ieshia Evans, “women.” Nothing like a strong determined woman leading and holding together our struggle. Many of them have no price they’d accept when it comes to protecting the lives of their children. Ultimately, we need to embrace the numbers we have in the situation of the NFL and help change the narrative from a false one to an accurate one. Ultimately protest will benefit the remaining players in the NFL. Thirty years-ago today the NFL was in a strike. There were replacement players hired by ownership that stepped across the line and played in-place of the NFL players. They were termed, “SCABS.” The product was poor and the fans complained. When the smoke cleared the unit of conservative owners emerged with a deal that included little or no guaranteed contacts. Today’s protests, now embraced by the NFLPA, will lead to a re-negotiated deal that leverages CTE (concussion litigation) and guaranteed contracts. It will be lead, however, by an investment in money and time directed at improving the relationship between the police department, courts and Black and Brown people. It has to be equivalent to partnerships with the “Breast-Cancer” foundation. One hundred percent of that Black seventy percent would be directly-affected by an initiative structured around improving the relationship between the Black community and police.