Bmorenews Publisher to be Honored by Sisters4Sisters Network, Inc. on Nov. 17th in Pasadena, MD

(PASADENA – October 14, 2017) – Bmorenews’ founder and publisher, Doni Glover, will be recognized by Sisters4Sisters Network, Inc. on Friday, November 17, 2017.
He been selected to receive the S4SN CommunitySTARS Award! 

The Sisters 4 Sisters Network, Inc. (S4SN) “CommunitySTARS Award” recognizes Stars who are making significant contributions that enhance the lives of those in need through their time, actions and dedication.  S4SN is honoring the women and men who are STEPPING-UP and SHOWING-OUT when no one is watching.

Glover received an announcement letter that reads, “Therefore, we want to honor you for putting you and your family aside to make a difference in our community and touching lives from the heart! You were selected as a Community Life Changer who has shown an unwavering commitment to support and fight for the rights of others.  The S4SN CommunitySTARS Award recognizes one’s effort to advocate to increase awareness of issues that plague our community and stifle our families from reaching their full potential. We are celebrating our 15th Anniversary by saluting you and other unsung heroes who are changing lives to change lives in their community! Again, we would like to say Congratulations! We’re lucky to have you as our Community Life Changer!”

This all happens at S4SN’s 15th Anniversary CommunitySTARS Awards Gala on Friday, November 17, 2017.