The Glover Report: BEFORE YOU WISH ME A HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY, consider the facts …

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – October 9, 2017) – BEFORE YOU WISH ME A HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY, consider the facts …

#1 Brazil is 1,900 miles from West Africa.

#2 Man started in Africa

#3 The black man is on every habitable continent, including Australia

#4 The oldest DNA on the planet is from the San Bushmen of Namibia ….

#5 The Moors dominated Europe for 700 years, all the way up to the last Moor, Tauriq, in Spain – just prior to Columbus’ expedition across the Atlantic in 1492

#6 The skeletal remains of Luzia, a black woman, were found in a cave in Brazil in 1975. She dates back 11,500 years and is thus far the oldest person found in the Americas

#7 Black Indians are across the Americas, including the Califians in California

#8 Blacks were reported in the Americas in Columbus’ first reports; resembled Ethiopians, a term for black Africans

#9 Olmec heads in Mexico date back 2,500 years; their noses are wide, and their lips are thick … like Africans

#10 There are currents between Africa and South/Central America

#11 Pedro Alonso Niño (1468–c. 1505) was a black Spanish explorer who guided Columbus

#12 Early artwork from the Americas features black and brown peoples

#13 South America fits right into West Africa leading one to easily conclude that these two continents were once one

THEREFORE, Columbus, at best, was a ‘Johnny Come Lately’. You CANNOT discover something that already had people in it … for thousands of years. #weloveblackhistory