Black Wall Street WOODMORE, Oct. 25 (6-8 pm), Woodmore Country Club, Mitchellville

We celebrate black entrepreneurs and professionals as well as the people who support them regardless of race. Since the inception of the ORIGINAL Black Wall Street SERIES *NYC *MD *DC *ATL *NOLA by in Washington, D.C. in 2011, we have honored hundreds in New York, Baltimore, D.C., Atlanta and New Orleans.
Special thanks to our coordinator, Dr. Wilbert Wilson. At his insistence, we will be honoring 15 distinguished “new generation” leaders who have already made headway in politics and business.
Honorees include:
• Maria Doakes – 15-year-old with a 4.7 (GPA). Attended the Ambassador Leadership Summit at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. (2017)
• Nita Berger – Principal of the Year 2017, Washington, DC School System. 100% of her students graduated on time in four years. All were awarded scholarships to college – Benjamin Banneker High School.
• Randolph L. Wilson – Employee of the Month – Maryland Department of General Services where he serves as an Energy Administrator – Project Manager/ Sustainability Coordinator (2017)
• Attorney Alexander Williams, III – An attorney at the law office of Attorney S. Smith and Associates. His desire is to serve on a county land development committee.

• Kevin L. Davis

• Nathaniel M. Crittenden – Owner N’Style Hairgrooming Companies, where he owns three top notch barber shops in Prince George’s County (Laurel, Bowie, Capital Heights) 2017

 • Ayana C. Coker – Project Manager, Gateway Hotel Marriott Residence Inn, Baltimore, MD – (a $55-million-dollar project that she managed at 24 years old. Hensel Phelps Construction Company 2017)
• Dr. Dereky Hagler and Al Hagler – (D & A Designs) – owner. This is an award winning and acclaimed interior designer real estate, and construction business. They restore homes for senior citizens/ veterans/ home owners, etc. Mrs. Hagler was declared
Mrs. Maryland 2017. She focused on juvenile correction counseling, preparation, interviewing skills for re-entry into society.
• Optimum Homes, Inc. – Real Estate professional owners, Reverend and Calvin Brockington. The company has done several hundred affordable homes in Prince George’s County. They have contributed to several programs that service seniors and less fortunate, distressed home owners. Reverend Dr. Brockington created a foundation to honor her slain son with the goals to assist trouble youths through counseling, and crime prevention resolution techniques to resolve conflicts. (2017)
• NGEN-CMMISVC/3-Stem – Cyber Security and SBA 8(a) certified technology company. Owner Terry L. Speigner located in Prince George’s County, Maryland.
NGEN provides technical consulting and management of network services from cloud services and network security and management systems which are necessary in accomplishing the strict regulations of the federal, state, and local government institutions. The owner trains young and upcoming students with high potential in Cyber Security (STEM).
• Vincent D. Harrington – Mr. Harrington is currently the accounting manager for Pro Telecom, LLC. He is responsible for the overall strategy and implementation of sales for the Audio Visual and Videoconferencing systems, Engineering and Integration Division that have generated more than 400 million dollars over the last twelve years. He serves as a consultant to the Business Development for Energy Audits and Green Solution, LLC (EAGS). He provides outside guidance to troubled youth and senior citizens that seek him out for guidance on a variety of issues that affect their community (2017).
• Dominic M. Berger – a strong, oriented champion athlete with a degree in mechanical engineering and experience in leading others. Mr. Berger was a finalist twice in competing for the United States Olympic Team as a hurdle. He was the AAC high hurdle champ two years in a row at the University of Maryland. He has competed in over 25 countries, four continents and ranked top 20 in the world. Mr. Berger cut short his successful career to care for his grandmother who had become quite ill with an undisclosed illness that she continues to suffer from some three years later. He had his mother take turns in spending around the clock with her at a local hospital.
• Courtney M. Biagas – She is the project manager of AVA Electrical Minority Family Owned Company. Ms. Biagas is a third generation to operate the family business that have registered millions of dollars over the last two decades. Over the years they have provided electrical services to the District of Columbia Court System. The company for several years provided the security and maintenance of the entire District of Columbia lighting system. Other contracts include the FED EX Stadium, Metro System, and many others. The company provides training and foundation services to underprivileged youth in the Washington Metropolitan Area.
• Mrs. Sylvia Syphax – Owner of the family established business in Prince George’s County. Uplift Medical Center located in Fairmont Heights, was the first black medical center to open in 1979 in the state of Maryland. The Center received broad support from them County Executive Lawrence J. Hogan, Sr., who assisted the owners Edward and Alonia Mosley and their children, Sylvia and Edward Mosley, Jr., M.D., who envisioned a much needed health care facility to serve blacks living in Prince George’s County. The family established the Renaissance Treatment Center in 1996 to address the substance addiction and mental health issues faced by many in this population of the state of Maryland. The Center is operated by the 3rd generation of the Syphax family.

• Mrs. Bridgett M. Lyles – Multi-media Producer, US Courts – She is a Multi-Emmy Award Winner, Writer/ Producer. She attended school in Prince George’s County where she excelled in Broadcast Journalism. Afterward, she was a producer at the Pentagon Channel reaching 13 million households in 178 countries. Her passion to create mini historical bios in her new series, “Moments in History” featured on US recaps federal cases and people that changed legal history such as Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, the Wright Brothers and the Honorable Jack Weinstein.