COMMENTARY: National Anthem Protest: The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost by Robert Scott

No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave,
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

(ATLANTA – September 24, 2017) – “The Chickens have come home to roost.” I mean it in the same way that Brother Minister meant it when he said it in his infamous speech. “As a Result of This Climate of Hate!” Yes, the climate of hate is the “Elephant in The Room!” The climate of hate is synonymous with those chickens coming home to roost. Donald Trump channels that climate of hate when he speaks directly to his political-base instead of addressing the nation as a whole. It’s the same climate of hate that fuels the conservative movement of exclusion and division.

Yesterday, Donald did us a favor. He ignited the flame of a movement larger than we’ve seen since the 1960s. All the elements are there. The algebraic functions are lining up, the variables are being defined and the equation is balancing. The fear I saw as recently as 5 days ago from many Black athletes and some Black fans of participating in PROTEST was wiped away with one line in a Trump speech. An attack on Colin Kaepernick and doubled down with a shot to Stephon Curry, Trump had a “Trump” moment! Immediately, the NFL commissioner and several owners stepped up to separate themselves and their organizations from the racist rants of the president. What the president doesn’t know is that his comments have ignited a flame that feeds a MOVEMENT.

It started with Colin Kaepernick kneeling for a cause that defends and protects the rights and lives of African Americans. (By any means necessary….as Malcolm said!) His opposition instantly rose out of the elephant in the room, “racism.” He got it from Whites and Blacks. Why? Because of racism! Nobody wants to deal with the elephant in the room. He’s been swept under the carpet. There have been silent agreements between the races that says if we don’t mention it, then there is peace. We have been sold and many have bought into a “Black-On-Black” crime false-narrative. But, still the issue is racism! The lines of division within the Black race are as varied as complexions within our culture. All of them are based on experience, past, present and future. All those variances came to one conclusion when Donald Trump spewed his hate. Today, I’m told and I’ve read that more and more people are taking a knee in protest.

Protest! Just a few days ago, I was feeling a little lonely. I wake up this morning and the world has been set on fire by the mouth of Agent Orange. I’m excited because for the first time it wasn’t a politician setting the agenda. It wasn’t a person who had a “PRICE.” He wasn’t so young that he was disconnected and he wasn’t so old that he would not want to connect. He was an NFL QB who set the agenda and put all the cards face-up on the table. It shocked and dismayed the main-stream, but laid a foundation for the New Black Power Movement. He insulates Black Lives Matter and clearly defines their existence and importance. So, when you lift the carpet and access the debris swept under, we see all the hidden chicken bones this country skillfully avoids.

I heard it all. “He’s not that good as a QB.” (I interpreted that as he was not good enough to have an opinion.) “He makes so much money. Why does he care?” (An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere….ca MLK) I have heard that he’s not Black enough. Though he’s as Black as Barack Obama, Bob Marley, Derek Jeter, Rick Fox, Alicia Keyes and my Grandfather. All he needed was some support and a little help from that climate of hate that persists in this country. They just won’t deal with the obvious, RACISM. The patriotic cried foul due to military vets until the military stepped up and defended Kap by saying they were fighting for his right to PROTEST. They tried to hide behind the blue veil though we all know the blue veil is a part of the problem of under-serving the Black community. No, it’s hatred and racism that comes back time and time again and disrupts this countries progress. The ills, distrust and discord in this country is due to that climate of hate. Thanks to the exploits of Donald Trump, those chickens have once again come home to roost.