COMMENTARY: Just my thoughts … There’s Fault on BOTH Sides! by Adrian Waters

(BALTIMORE – September 21, 2017) – Hit me with a staff, drag me onto a raft as I wake up with blood in my eyes. Load me on a boat tight, cross an ocean overnight, as I cough and spit, although chained I must admit, there is fault on both sides.

Work or else, I’m killed. Bury any who revolt in the field, my daughter’s now fertilizer for your cotton prize, rape my wife and cause her harm, sell my son to another farm, and although my teeth may grit, as I work this field I must admit, there is fault on both sides.

Lincoln promised me I’d be free, said come and fight for me, I run away leaving my baby as she cries, I find myself on the front line, I’m killed 1st most of the time, and as an bayonet pierces my heart, i won’t complain or even start, because there is fault on both sides.

I own a business, life is sweet, some call this Black Wall Street, I’ve escaped my grandfather’s demise, ‘til they blew up my home and what’s even scarier, I come out from hiding to find they’ve destroyed our entire area, they even dropped bombs from crop planes in the sky, although seems like nothing will tame them, I dare never blame them, because I can see fault on both sides.

Back from the World War, still can’t find work no more, turned away although there’s a help wanted sign, walking down a dirt road men in hoods surrounded me, they shoot and hang me from a tree, they castrate me and gouge out my eyes, but as I hang by this noose, please don’t misunderstand the truth, there IS fault on both sides.

I walk home with Skittles and Tea, but because I have on a hoodie you harass me, assuming I’m some other guy, so with your racism and seeded anger, you presume your life’s in danger, you shoot me and as the life leaves my eyes, I’ll never see my family again, but please don’t only blame Mr. Zimmerman, because there’s fault on both sides.

I’m in church we’re all just fine, not many of us about nine, when a stranger walks in without a fuss, we share God’s love and it’s worth, not knowing these are our last few moments on earth, before this young man begins killing us. They find him by his description it’s a match, take him into custody without a scratch the pic of his face showing white power pride, but don’t mind what the hate groups said, we’re all niggers and supposed to be dead, and don’t forget there is fault on both sides.

From Eric Garner to Freddie Gray, to Medgar Evers back in the day, the scripts the same for many or our lives, they have the publishing they have the pen, they do not count it sin, when they erase our characters from the story line, but clearly I do see… the one at fault is partly me… because if you look there’s fault on both sides. Both sides.