It is with great pleasure, that I inform you that Bill 56-17 has been withdrawn. As you may remember, this bill would have banned the UniverSoul Circus. Since the bill is dead, I am canceling the rally today. You are still welcome to come out and testify and get a rally tee-shirt and or rally sign, but it is not necessary.

I would like to thank everyone who spoke up on this issue. I am so proud of the people who took the time to send emails, spread the word and willingness to attend the rally.

Thanks again and I will share more at a later time.



On September 5th, Bill 56-17 was introduced at the Baltimore County Council. This extreme bill will outlaw the performance or display of wild or exotic animals for public display, entertainment or amusement; making it punishable for up to a fine of $1,000 and imprisonment up to 90 days for each animal.

I strongly opposes this legislation. Bill 56-17 would ban the UniverSoul Circus and deprive tens of thousands the opportunity to attend the circus. It would outlaw educational visits by the Maryland ZOOmobile and the National Aquarium to schools across Baltimore County, which brings educational, entertaining, and interactive programs to children and gives them the opportunity to learn about different animal species and their habitats. If bill 56-17 passes, a person could be jailed for simply transporting an exotic animal through Baltimore County. This radical legislation is an attempt by animal extremists to impose their extreme views about animals on the general public and in this instance, our community. The extremist see no difference in any animal and you or your children.

The UniverSoul Circus is the only African American Circus in the world. They have been providing good family entertainment in our area for 22 years. This year 54,124 people attended the UniverSoulCircus. We cannot set by and allow a small group of extremist to bully our community and make decisions for us! You, I, and anyone else should have the option to attend the UniverSoul Circus if we want.

UniverSoul Circus FACTS:

– They have been performing in our area for 22 years.

– They have been on Security Blvd for 15 years.

– Below are the attendance record for the last three years of the UniverSoul Circus.

2015 – 37,592

2016 – 41,964

2017 – 54,124

– The UniverSoul Circus does 37 shows, stay in Baltimore County for a month. Give away 2,000 tickets to various groups, so under privilege children can attend.

– The UniverSoul Circus travels with 125 people and those people eat in our restaurants, stay in our hotels and contribute to our local economy.

– The Circus pay taxes, amusement tax, sales tax. With 54,124 visitors, that’s a lot of income to Baltimore County.

– The UniverSoul Circus is the only African American Circus in the world.

– The UniverSoul Circus loves their animals.

– UniverSoul Circus has regular federal, state and Baltimore County inspections and has not been cited for abusing or mistreating any animals.

– The Maryland Zoo Zoomobile and the National Aquarium visits Baltimore County Schools does displays throughout Baltimore County.

This is bigger than UniverSoul Circus. This is about our community and the freedom to choose what is best for our community and our families. We MUST NOT ALLOW a small group of extremist to bully our community and deprive members of our community the option of attending the UniverSoul Circus or a Zoo or National Aquarium exhibit or program. But they will if you do not act!

For evil to succeed, all it needs is for good men to do nothing.

Martin Luther King Jr.