Op/Ed: How Vacant Houses Create a Climate of Killing by Ralph E. Johnson, Jr.

(BALTIMORE – September 6, 2017) – Without a doubt the killing in Baltimore is indeed heartbreaking and traumatizing. It’s an epidemic that must be urgently addressed. However, what politicians who determine the social and economic landscape of Baltimore refuse to address are the underlying conditions that produce the killing. The sad reality it’s impossible to stop the effects if the causes are constantly ignore. There are many layers (conditions) that lead to the unhinged killing in our city.

One of those layers is the VACANT HOUSE syndrome caused by slum-lords and two-faced politicians. There are over 16, 000 VACANT HOUSES in Baltimore. Most of these dilapidated houses are in the city’s most heavily populated black districts. For years it has been a tradition for city officials to allow wealthy slum-lords, who fund their campaigns, to prosper off of unkept, deplorable, rat infested houses that litter Baltimore neighbors.

These wealthy slum-lords receive millions of dollars in tax breaks for their dilapidated VACANT HOUSES while the value of the community goes down. VACANT HOUSES reinforce poverty along with health risks from drawing rats, parasites, dead bodies and stranded animals. Residents are forced to live next to VACANT HOUSES which reduce their quality of life.

Businesses are reluctant to go into neighbors that are saturated with VACANT HOUSES. This denies residents employment opportunity for upper mobility. VACANT HOUSES that are allowed to contaminate neighbors drain the spirit of residents, and plant seeds of psychological hopeless that leads to unbearable frustration. This is when desperation and killing begin. Along with other social and economic conditions, unkept VACANT HOUSES in high concentrated poor neighbors are direct correlations (connections) to violence and crime.

It’s not by accident, laziness on behalf of black people or a coincidence that most of the city’s wealth is concentrated in the only two districts where whites out populated blacks. Massive poverty is concentrated in eight of Baltimore’s fourteen districts where blacks are heavily populated. This is strategically designed by the wealthy and lawmakers that creates zone where specific people live. The political structure of Baltimore has always been designed to maintain the racist and exploitative system of minority rule. The few who have power, prosperity and privilege will never share it with poor whites, Hispanics or the 63 percent of the population in Baltimore, which are black people. If you want the killing to stop we must vote in leaders who have the moral desire and courage to get rid of VACANT HOUSES and the other layers that create the climate of killing. To order Ralph’s books press link 👉🏾www.REjjrPublications.com GB!