64th District Assemblyman Mike Gipson and Registered Nurse, CEO Mona Clayton Rise Above the Odds To Receive Distinguished Alumni Honor From University of Phoenix

(LOS ANGELES – September 7, 2017) – The perception that nothing good comes from the inner city seems to be a misconception when it comes to Assemblyman Mike Gipson and Mona Clayton, RN. Products of Watts, California, Gipson and Clayton are both alumni of Fremont High School, Los Angeles Southwest College and the University of Phoenix, and have a proven track record of rising above all odds. A politician with a prior challenge of having a speech impediment and a single mom beating all the obstacles to become a successful registered nurse, entrepreneur and author makes it impossible not to recognize that great things are produced from South Central Los Angeles.

Assemblyman Gipson and Mona Clayton were awarded the “Distinguished Alumni Award” on August 17, 2017 at a sold-out event hosted at the Disney’s Grand California Hotel & Spa. Both seized the awards with 13 other alumni, chosen out of over 92,000 alumni. Now holding the honor of Assemblyman of the 64th District as well as the keynote speaker for the event, Gipson took the stage and delivered an eye-opening and compelling speech about his struggles to overcome a speech impediment and his compassion for helping the homeless and improving the inner-city neighborhoods. A riveting aspect of the speech was the Assemblyman’s mention of his son being a victim of hit and run incident at three years old, demonstrating how one can become successful despite disappointments, color, background or physical disabilities.

“When I discovered that Assemblyman Gipson would be the keynote and our similar alumni record I was excited and honored to share in this dynamic accolade given by an institution such as the University of Phoenix; I was totally thrilled,” states Ms. Clayton. When asked Gipson how he felt about receiving the award, “I am sincerely blessed to receive the Impact Award from the University of Phoenix, said Assemblyman Gipson, “It will serve as a reminder that when we rise, we rise and lift together.”

Known as “Nurse Mona,” Ms. Clayton started with a dream and a plan to enhance the lives of 100,000 future nurses living primarily in under-served communities, and in particular, single mothers. That dream started in 2008 with the development of Nurses Roc 2, a company designed to provide seminars and inspirational tools for nursing students and a book entitled, “Surviving the Journey—As Painlessly as Possible.”

Since 2008, there have been many changes during Ms. Clayton’s journey. Mona has produced and hosted numerous seminars (the most recent was hosted on the campus of the University of Phoenix,La Palma Campus) and workshops with professional guest panelists as well as the launch of The Nurses 2 Rock Pub, which is a community to help mentor, educate and bring together seasoned professionals and future nurses. Her most ambitious ploy is to attract students globally.

In 2017, Ms. Clayton developed the (The Nurses Pub).™ Since introducing the change on social media, over 1,000 students from across the nation became followers within days.

“From Africa, Asia, the Philippines, and the U.S., nursing is a part of every culture,” states Ms. Clayton.

With the continued support of educational institutions like the University of Phoenix, community leaders and other nursing professionals, “Yes We Can!” The Nurses 2 Rock Pub’s mission is to build future nurses by providing a blueprint for success through impactful seminars and books that people love!

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