The Glover Report: 4 Confederate Monuments Come Tumbling Down … But, Racial Disparities Still Persist in Baltimore

Photo by Hassan Rahmaan shows statue of pregnant black woman, used to replace one of four Confederate statues taken down this week in Baltimore by Mayor Catherine Pugh.

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – August 17, 2017) – PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE …. Removing Confederate statues is nice. But, how about finally investing the long-promised and long-overdue investment dollars – like from the $13 billion MD State Lottery – to the black communities in Baltimore like the Eastside (at least the part where black folks still reside), the Westside, the Village and Park Heights … as it’s done where the white folks have development, like Hopkins, like UofMD, like North & Charles, like Belvedere Square, like East Harbor?

RACISM IS RACISM, overt or covert.

Black communities have been promised money for decades, including funds from Pimlico. Yet, all we get is crickets, murder coverage and speed-n-red light cameras ….

The efforts of white supremacists in Baltimore have been staggering on the development of the black community, despite a plethora of black elected officials. It is time for change! REAL CHANGE! NOT GESTURES FOR ATTENTION.

Symbolic efforts are just that. We want to see the money actually invested, not the PR stunts for the camera!
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