Op/Ed: A Loud and Deadly Silence By Dr. Joanne M. Martin, Founder & President, The National Great Blacks In Wax Museum, Inc.

(BALTIMORE – August 17, 2017) – Is Donald Trump a racist?  Far too many Americans “on many sides” choose to remain silent on this question.

Except Donald Trump, that is.  His answer to that question rings loudly in my ears.  It says to me, “Not only am I a racist; I have been a racist for a long time”.

In the 1970’s, his-inherited-from-his father company was repeatedly sued for discriminating against black people.  Ultimately, the company had to settle the suits, promising to no longer discriminate against blacks, Puerto Ricans, and other minorities.

Discriminating against black people is recorded in Donald Trump’s DNA.  Be it the black casino workers in Atlantic City who would be removed from the floor at the behest of a white big spender or whenever Donald and Ivana Trump appeared at the casino, or his comments that laziness is a black trait, and his visible, deep-seated irrational hatred and jealousy of Former President Barack Obama.

Look at the hand-picked-by-Trump racists who inhabit Trumpland-Steve Bannon, head of the so-called alt right, a den of white supremacists and haters of all things non-white.  Mike Flynn, who espoused rabid anti-Muslim sentiments.  Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, whose middle name alone almost speaks to his lifelong agenda of keeping the nigras, the spicks, and other minorities in their place.  Steven Miller, said to have penned Trump’s “American carnage” inauguration speech and cut his carnivorous teeth on the teachings of Jeff Sessions as his communications advisor.  Sebastian Gorka, believed to be one of Donald Trump’s closest advisors, who sports a pin associated with a Nazi-allied group and used to work at Breitbart.com, the far right’s voice of evil.

The birther movement, calling Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists, the Muslim travel bans, the characterization of a federal judge’s fitness to serve on the bench as “He’s a Mexican”, his full page ad that helped lead to the wrongful conviction of five young black men known as the Central Park Five…how much louder does Donald Trump need to speak?

Now, there is his latest high-pitched whistle seemingly inaudible to dogs and humans of not directly calling out his base of KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other far right groups for perpetrating murder and violence on priests and other peaceful protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia. Through Donald Trump’s yes, no, maybe so repudiation of neo-Nazi, KKK, and anti-semitic acts of violence, hatred, and murder in Charlottesville; amidst the cheers from his really good white supremacist fan club; and through the condemnation of his remarks by a Republican Party sure to slink back to his side, there seems to be a plea for an immoral, hate-filled oblivious-to-historical-accuracy man without honor to provide moral leadership.

How ridiculous is that?

Only a racist leader can embolden other racists.  Data from the Southern Poverty Law Center show that in only ten days into the Trump presidency, there were nearly 900 hate incidents across the U.S. They occurred amidst the evoking of Trump’s name, the wearing of the “Make America Great Again” caps, the vandalizing of mosques and synagogues, and physical assaults on non-white people.

Trump speaks directly to his base of white supremacists.  “I will give you back what you want and deserve the most: WHITE SUPREMACY!”, he shouted throughout the campaign.  Of course it was coded as “Make America Great Again”.

Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory, his racist admirers shouted back, amid a round of enthusiastic Nazi salutes.

Far too many Americans have become comfortable in their silence of matters pertaining to race, bigotry, and hatred.  They have opted to overlook, and in the process enable Donald Trump’s policies of evil which are actually being carried out with quiet and sinister efficiency.  Aider and abetter Jeff Sessions is joined by a horde of haters.  These include:

  • Tom Price, Head of the Department of Health and Human Services, whose greed and vice had come under the scrutiny of U.S. Attorney Preet Bahara. Trump’s answer-Fire Bahara!  Then Price can keep his ill-gotten gain made while a U.S. Senator and from dirty stock trades in health-related companies, followed by self-serving Senate legislation.
  • Betsy DeVos, whose wealth and privilege grant her license to play “Hooded Robin” by robbing the poor public schools to give to the rich private and religious ones.
  • EPA Chief Scott Pruitt, who has almost outdone Beauregard Sessions in his gutting of programs which in turn dismantle freedom, justice, and the American way. Pruitt operates from the bed he shares with the fossil fuel industry and the free hand he has been given by a Donald Trump who wants only to deny a black president any kind of legacy.

Sharing the bed with Pruitt are the environmental Gang of 2, Energy Secretary Rick Perry and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.  Together, the three are helping Trump create a nation suffering from withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, clean power plan, clean water act, stream protection rule, and public land and monuments ownership; thus, leaving us to peer through smoggy air, murky water, and toxic greenhouse emissions.

  • Lest we forget Good Old Uncle Ben Carson (He would have been called “Uncle Tom” in an earlier era!). He is of the belief that his slave ancestors were immigrants and that poor people just need to get a new attitude to eliminate their own poverty, which they created for themselves anyhow.