Dr. Barney Wilson to Host 10 am Workshop at Blacktechpreneur, Aug. 3, Morgan’s School of Business

(BALTIMORE – July 29, 2017) – At August 3rd’s Blacktechpreneur: The Intersection of Business and Technology, Dr. Barney Wilson will be hosting the opening workshop at 10 am on “The State of Technology.” The event is from 10 am to 2 pm at the Earl Graves School of Business at Morgan State University, located at 4100 Hillen Road in Baltimore.

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Who is Dr. Wilson?

Dr. Wilson is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. His mother and father were public servants, a nurse and a police officer. Thanks to their sacrifices and high expectations, Barney has earned degrees in Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Economics from Carnegie Mellon University; an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University and a Doctoral degree in Urban Educational and Community College Leadership from Morgan State University.

Dr. Wilson currently serves as the Principal of a private boarding school in Nigeria, Adesoye College, Offa. He was the first African American Director at his alma mater the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute for 6 years and Principal of Reginald Lewis High School for 3 years. He created several labs including the ROBART (robotics and art) Lab, Aerodynamics Flight Simulation Lab, Computer Animation and Graphics Lab, Student Court Room and Student-Ran Bank.

He also has served as the Chief Operating Officer at CCBC Dundalk, Dean for Learning Support Systems, Executive Director for the Central Maryland Small Business Development Centers, owner of several businesses including Skateworks, Wilson’s Services Landscaping and Cleaning, The Baltimore Championship Wrestling Federation, and the Business and Information Technology Center.

Further, he was Professor of Management Science and Information Technology at Coppin State University and Johns Hopkins. And, he is the co-founder of the San Diego Black Agenda Project and Minority Recruiter for the University Of California San Diego. Principal of Harriet Tubman Village Charter School in San Diego. He ran for public office three times including a run for US Congress. His hobbies are golf, Scrabble, karate and chess. He has traveled extensively.