MEDICAL STUDENT FUNDRAISER: The “Why” For Supporting Charlee McClean for Medical School

(BALTIMORE – July 7, 2017) – Charlee McClean applied to medical schools during the 2016 cycle and was offered an acceptance to Georgetown University School of Medicine. Sadly, due to financial difficulty, she decided to take a one-year deferral. Since then, she has pursued multiple avenues to secure funding for medical school, such as:

· Applying for loans, scholarships, and grants which have been fruitless. Even though she is a documented person, due to her current immigration status, she is ineligible for these resources; and

· Contacting U.S. Senators and Congressmen whose offices valiantly explored the possibilities of expediting her permanent residency  process which would have availed her  numerous funding opportunities. Unfortunately, these efforts were unsuccessful.

Charlee grew up in the hills of Portland, Jamaica. She vividly remembers the struggles that came with living in a disadvantaged community. Even more, it was difficult not having her parents around. Charlee’s father left her at the age of six and her mom migrated to the United States five years later. However, from these life experiences, she embodied the values of perseverance and self-reliance.
She attended Morgan State University, which was her opportunity to break free of negativity and the cycle of poverty. She graduated from Morgan with a B.S. in Chemistry and proceeded to earn a M.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Georgetown University. After graduate school, She was granted an H-1B visa in association with her position as a Biological Technician in the Department of Psychiatry at Howard University. She works with individuals residing in under-served communities in Washington, D.C. who are struggling with mental illnesses and/or HIV/AIDS.
In short, Charlee’s options are limited and she has exhausted all other alternatives. If she can raise enough funds to start medical school this fall, she will be on her way to fulfilling her goal of becoming a doctor and serving communities similar to the one she grew up in. She will also continue to mentor young people to pursue careers in the health professions. Your donation will help her pay for her tuition and permit her to help others.
Charlee thanks you in advance for your consideration and donation.