Clear The Airwaves Project Calls for Nationwide Juneteenth Boycott of McDonald’s: “61917 McDonalds Boycott” Planned

(NEW YORK – June 14, 2017) – Are you exhausted by the vulgar music being played for black youth on the radio these days? After all, a lot of this so-called “music” is promoting terribly foul behavior.

I hate to say it, but icons like C. Delores Tucker warned us years ago about the effects of “gangsta rap”. She profoundly cautioned the entire nation as an otherwise beautiful genre of urban discretion began to take on the mantra of corporate sales.

While there was a time when Hip hop was characterized by the likes of KRS-1, today, there is an entirely different agenda to this art form founded in the Bronx. It has transformed into a … public enemy. Today’s vulgarity, disrespect, and promotion of drug use – to now include pill popping.

To the rescue is the “Clear The Airwaves Project”, which includes a dedicated team of concerned individuals and groups from across the nation, including news talk radio icon Bob Law and Culture As A Weapon.

According to its Facebook fan page, “The objective is to Clear The Airwaves of misogynistic, violent, destructive lyrics on radio stations that are specifically geared to the youth!”

The group believes that “commercially-supported so-called Hip hop is pretty much out of control.” Further, “Too much of the music is destructive, promoting stripping, materialism, substance abuse, and even murder! It is evident in many entertainment venues. Our focus is to address this scourge on our society via the radio airwaves. We understand that while radio listenership is dwindling somewhat, it still is very influential. If the radio would remove this disrespectful content, then our youth would be exposed to music that contained content that is more uplifting. We also understand that the people have the power to demand and make these changes. We just have to organize!”

Thus, a nationwide protest of McDonald’s is one step they are taking. The group is calling for all African Americans and concerned parties to not patronize the international fast food giant on Monday, June 19, 2017. Named 61917 McDonalds Boycott on Facebook, this is but one of many steps to come for this emerging grassroots organization. The group argues that McDonald’s Corporation is an example of the corporate entities that help promote bad music.