Guest Editorial: My Take On Durant and the NBA….By Robert M. Scott

By Robert M. Scott

(ATLANTA – June 13, 2017) – Alright, let’s be real. Nobody deserved a championship as much as Kevin Durant (KD). He is the sole reason why the Golden State Warriors (GWS) won that title this time. He is/was the best player on the GSW team, hands down. He will surpass LeBron soon as the best player on the planet. His defense has improved and his play-making skills put Russell Westbrook’s to shame.

An assist doesn’t make you a play-maker, but KD is one and Westbrook is not as good of one. Durant has the skills to be elite in every part of the game to include blocked shots and rebounding.

I am happy for my Homeboy. He has cemented his legacy and place among the elite Hall of Famers. He didn’t do the bullshit that Kobe Bryant, John Elway, Eli Manning and a few others did by ducking out on playing for the weaker club that won their draft rights. Cam Newton went to the Carolina Panthers and took them to a Super Bowl. He didn’t win it, but he improved that program. For the folks that call him a bum, I won’t mention the fact that LeBron went to Cleveland where nobody in any sport or entertainment activity wants to go. He brought them a championship!

As well, props to Alonzo Mourning for going to Charlotte, but eventually getting his ring in Miami with Dwayne Wade and Shaquille O’Neal. Immense respect to Kevin Durant for not ducking out on Oklahoma City (OKC). OKC was a dark hole that KD almost brightened.

I place the blame on the guy still standing there: Westbrook is stuck in a “Kobe-Bryant” fantasy. He has no mind for the ball moving around the half court with proper spacing. He passed to one player, KD, and blew the opportunity to pass to James Harden, Reggie Jackson, Thabo Sefolosha and others.

Any others he passed to didn’t have the significance of creating a win. Like Oscar Robinson said, “What good is a triple-double if you lose the game?” Durant labored with Westbrook and it didn’t take a real baller long to realize that Westbrook is a dark-hole. Fans are all over his tip!
Ballers see and appreciate his scoring ability, but know that he’s not a winner. He’s a dreamer. He wants to wake up and be looked upon as Kobe or possibly Mike-like. Real ballers know that you have to do you. The fans want you to do Mike Jordan or Kobe, but players like KD, LeBron, Curry, Thompson, Irving and countless others don’t judge a player by MJ and Kobe standards. They leave that to the fans.

Neither Kobe’s Lakers nor MJ’s Bulls could win a series against this year’s GSW team with KD. (I know I upset the feelings of the folks who love the guy who sells to Republicans, too!) However, this GSW team is legendary. Unless MJ and the Bulls can score 86 in a half, play impeccable defense and move the ball to multiple scorers, they can’t handle the fire-power of GSW, their depth, athleticism and scoring ability. The GSW bench kills the Bulls and the Kobe lead Lakers.

Yes, the game has changed. The average 2 guard and small forward have ten-times better handles than MJ had. Today, everyone on the court has ambidexterity. That’s a major change. As well, the players are younger than in the past, with the exception of Step Curry, who did 4 years of college.

Curry is 29-years-old. Klay Thompson is 27. Kyrie Irving is only 25 and Durant is 28. LeBron is 32-years-old, Kevin Love is 28 and Tristan Thompson is 26. JR Smith is 31 and Westbrook is 28. Durant has been in the NBA for 10 seasons and has finally won his ring.

He can stay on that team for a few years and get 3 or 4 rings, possibly. But, sooner or later, someone from the core is going to be ready for a max deal. Durant has had one or two, and got a big piece of change to go there. Now again, he is the best player on the GSW team and deserves to be highest paid.

I give KD props for staying in OKC for as long as he did. I knock him for losing that series vs GSW two years ago. He totally collapsed, but who has not collapsed under the grip of GSW?

That team is the perfect storm. I am big enough to give recognition where it is due. I think the Cleveland Cavaliers handled themselves very well. There were more tears last year from the Warriors. But, this is sports and “fan” is short for fanatic. Fanatics tend to let their zeal cloud their eyes.

Durant gets props for his title. He’ll stay for another run. I’m sure he’s got some other things on his mind. No, he does not have to match LeBron and go home to DC to bring a championship to the Wizards. However, the respect meter will rise uncontrollably if he does.

I love the fact that he doesn’t want to be Kobe or MJ. He is KD, his own brand. You got to love all of them, including LeBron. From a black man’s standpoint, how can you knock a brother who is educating multiple young black men, but give undying love to a guy who only sells shoes to them and won’t address their plight in public for fear of how white people are going to feel about him or his brand?

Yes, a brother with a sister and raising all his kids. But again, the media has portrayed a brother (LBJ) in a negative light who in his worse hour was donating to the Boys and Girls Club. LBJ is paying for all the articles in Sports Illustrated done on him when he was younger.

I hope KD doesn’t have to deal with that. He’s loved until he does “KD” again and leaves for other pastures. I’m still going to be a fan and I’m still a fan of MJ and to a lesser extent, Kobe. I really appreciate the brilliance of GSW.

Mos def, I’m a LeBron fan! Like Deion Sanders in football and Brandon Phillips in baseball, I follow the players I like.

The Bulls fans are thinking I’m crazy, I’m sure!