“INDIGENOUS”: The Sandtown Docu-Series Starts Shooting TODAY!

“INDIGENOUS”: The Sandtown Docu-Series
Written and Directed by Doni Glover. Produced by JKane Media. Executive Producer, Bmorenews.com.

First Taping for All Concerned Parties
Saturday, May 13, 2017
10 am
Offices of Penn-North Recovery
2410 Pennsylvania Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21217

The purpose of “INDIGENOUS”: The Sandtown Docu-Series is to shed light on life in this 72-square block West Baltimore community some two years after the Freddie Gray Uprising in the Spring of 2015 from a homegrown perspective.

After the tragic death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, after the riots, after the protests, the marches, the cameo appearances by the supposedly-concerned personalities, the press conferences, the mute gestures and the bankrupt promises – just what exactly do the people of Sandtown have to say about this community’s progress since the first riots in 47 years?

Has anything changed, like police-community relations? And if so, what? Is the quality of life for the average citizen of Sandtown better? What about food deserts? Has the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables improved? How are Sandtown youth doing academically? Are more people employed? Is drug and prescription drug addiction still a crippling factor? Has the housing stock and open spaces enhanced? More or less homeless people, black and white? Has communications throughout the community about pertinent information, like employment opportunities, gotten better, remained the same, or gotten worse? And then we surely cannot forget our seniors. How are our aging citizens? Do our elderly have all of the things that they need, especially in the heat of summer and the bitter cold of winter?

These and other questions will be posed and answered in the most candid fashion possible as Sandtown produces its own story on just what has occurred over the past several years in this otherwise forsaken neighborhood. Frankly, the residents of the community have their own thoughts and ideas of how things are working. The challenge is, however, their voice is rarely heard.