Group seeks to open 1,000 bank accounts of $100 or more at black-owned bank

(BALTIMORE – May 4, 2017) – On Friday, May 5, 2016 starting at 10:00 a.m., black business owners will lead a Million Dollar March through the streets of downtown Baltimore, as they seek to improve their community through economic empowerment. Beginning at the business of march organizer Stephen Wise, SWB Atelier (216 N. Paca Street) and proceeding throughout downtown Baltimore before arriving at their intended destination, Baltimore’s only black-owned bank, Harbor Bank of Maryland; the group will peacefully highlight the need for economic empowerment in Baltimore’s black community.

“One of the biggest myths in the black community is that we don’t have the necessary resources to effect real change in this country,” says Wise, who envisioned this march years ago. “With over an estimated worth of $1.2 trillion worth of resources, we are in fact one of the most influential groups in the nation as it relates to wealth, all we need to do is understand that as a collective and come together to empower one another.”

The two major goals of the March are to empower at least 1,000 people in helping open their own personal bank account of at least $100 with the black-owned banking institution known as The Harbor Bank of Maryland, which organizers says will empower both the individual opening the account as well as the bank itself. The other goal Wise said was to get people discussing economic empowerment in their own community, thereby allowing for partnerships to blossom from this diverse group of community leaders and then hopefully having strategic alliances formed that can lead to the greater empowerment of their community.

Also joining the efforts is Doni Glover, founder of Baltimore’s Black Wall Street Movement. “Given our one trillion dollars in annual disposable income, efforts such as these should be replicated across America,” said Glover, the owner and founder of BmoreNews. “This is what the Black Wall Street Movement is all about: Re-directing our dollars to support our black institutions – something we’ve been committed to for the past 15 years.”

Wise says that this march is much more than just some thirty-minute exercise in random black folk walking down to a bank, but rather is more about opening up our minds to a new way of thinking and supporting one another, while also opening up our checkbooks to ensure a greater economic freedom our community as a whole. Another sponsor is the city’s leading candidate for Clerk of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, Hassan Giordano. The local political analyst and longtime community activist said that financial freedom should be at the top of the list of any political agenda or campaign platform.

“Until we realize our true economic worth, we will never reach our maximum potential in any other area, because we live in a capitalistic society in which everything revolves around the almighty dollar,” said Giordano, who proudly stated that both his personal and campaign accounts are housed at Harbor Bank. “I continue to stress to my sons daily of the importance of having their own personal accounts, seeking economic and political empowerment through individual wealth management because nobody is going to do nothing for you in this world until you learn to do for yourself.”

The group also includes Baltimore attorney’s Warren Brown and William Buie, Terrance D. Briggs from the Good Tree Patrons’ Club, Richard Swartz, Owner of Mano Swartz Furs and Kendrick Tilghman, President of the Greater Baltimore Black Chamber of Commerce.

“The bigger picture is the lesson in which this march will teach our younger generation in regards to financial freedom and doing for self instead of waiting on someone to do for you. We are marching with a new, progressive agenda of black empowerment, one that starts and ends with economic empowerment,” says Wise.

WHAT: Million Dollar March on Harbor Bank of Maryland
WHEN: Friday, May 5, 2017 ~ from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
WHERE: Beginning at SWB Atelier (216 N. Paca Street) and ending at The Harbor Bank of Maryland (25 W. Fayette Street)
WHO: Speakers will include: Terrence D. Briggs, Good Tree Patrons’ Club; Doni Glover, BmoreNews; Hassan Giordano, GCOMM Media Co., Torrence Reed, HBCU Wallstreet; Richard Swartz, Mano Swartz Furs; Kendrick Tilghman, President of the Greater Baltimore Black Chamber of Commerce

Sponsored by: SWB Atelier, The Harbor Bank of Maryland, BmoreNews, The Good Tree Patrons’ Club, GCOMM Media Co., Mano Swartz Furs, Bank Black USA, HBCU Wallstreet, Chef Mina’s Delights, Bonneau Caprece, Sambola Motor Sports, Attorney(s) William Buie and Warren Brown Esq., Grand Matriarch Group, Mgalashez, Looks by Lloyd, Hip Hop Chicken and the Greater Baltimore Black Chamber of Commerce

WHY: Community/Economic Empowerment