Doris J. Woodruff, Glen Burnie Educator, Honored at Black Wall Street BWI-THURGOOD MARSHALL AIRPORT, 4.20.17

(BALTIMORE – April 21, 2017) – Doris J. Woodruff, a Glen Burnie educator, was honored yesterday at Black Wall Street BWI-THURGOOD MARSHALL AIRPORT.

Who is Doris?

Doris J. Woodruff
Educator – Community Servant

Doris is a lifelong educator and a Stevie Wonder fan.  Those two are connected by one of her favorite Stevie Wonder songs, in which he sings “People keep on learn’/ Soldiers keep on warrin’/ World keep on turnin’ … I’m so glad that I know more than I knew then/ Gonna keep on tryin’/ Till I reach my highest ground”.

As an educator Doris’s great passion is bringing information, insights and inspiration to people – students and colleagues – so that they and she might reach their highest ground and help to transform our continuously evolving society and world.

By schooling and experience, Doris is a science educator and leader, having spent more than 19 years teaching biology and chemistry to college and high school students after completing graduate and postgraduate studies at Jackson State University in her home state of Mississippi.
She also received Maryland Administrator I certification through McDaniel College, Maryland.  She has served as a science department chair, mentorship program lead, and now as Glen Burnie High School’s lead for student-community connections, where she creates various engagements to sharpen students’ perspectives towards the multitude of post-graduation education and career opportunities.

Doris says: “My love for scientific observation, testing and theory does not blind me to the value of other scholarly and less formal approaches to educating people based on their individual abilities and experiences.  Did I mention I’m a huge Stevie Wonder fan?  Well, I appreciate learning through music, literature, arts and crafts, gardening, museum visits, sports, and listening to the personal stories and philosophies of others. These and so many other experiences represent my belief in holistic education that is less about memorizing facts but mostly about stimulating individuals to think, create and connect with others.  And in the process, to develop healthy self-perceptions and an appreciation for the differences of others – moving closer to their highest ground.”