Op/Ed: Never Do That Again … Never Forget! #neverdothatagain #neverforget

By Rita Walters

(BALTIMORE – February 13, 2017) – After a week of key lessons, I thought I would create a list of things to never do or forget again: Never again eat at 10pm. Never have dental surgery during lunchtime in the middle of a busy week. Never have an ingrown toe nail removed the same day before said dental surgery. Never let support socks rolled down near your ankles. It cuts off the blood supply to your brain. Never think google search is the answer to medical school training, no matter how quick it comes back with a diagnosis. Never forget you actually can’t diagnose congestive heart failure from home. Never think spring has sprung because for one brief moment it was 70 degrees in February.

Never sit when you have a standing desk. Never tell your real age when (count em) 3 repairmen think you are 20 years younger (ok, 20 years were alternate facts, but they thought 10 for sure!) Never cancel lunch with your bestie because you’re to busy at work. Never put your children on hold when they want to tell you about their day…whether they are 5 or 25…listen. Never forget to smile even after said dental surgery and you have tape on your teeth. Never forget that there are galleries and churches and galleries in churches and images of churches in galleries all within walking distance and you can be silent and inspired by all.

Never forget to call your mama every morning and the chair of the development committee every Friday. Never forget that you have an “Idea Lab” on the garden level of your building. Use it. Never place pistachio shells in the recycling bin. Never turn down birthday cake. Diet and points be damned. Never forget you have a post office on campus and mail back the new pants that are too small because you ate at 10pm why don’t you! Never forget you can write for hours on your phone with less than 10% of power. Ok, your turn: What have you learned to never forget or do again?. #neverdothatagain #neverforget