Young Brothers United …. on the next edition of The Doni Glover Show, 2.14.17, 10-11am, WOLB Baltimore

(BALTIMORE – February 12, 2017) – Young Brothers United will be among our guests on Tuesday’s show (2/14/17, 10 to 11 am est). The show streams live on and on Doni Glover’s Facebook fan page,

Who are they?

The purpose of is YBU Young Brothers United is to target our Afro-American inner city youths who attend Reginald F. Lewis High School.  This program is focused on giving our young males a chance to have supportive relationships with their mentors, to improve their academic performance, improve student skills in interpersonal relationships, reduce juvenile delinquency, improve school attendance, decrease school disciplinary action and engage students.

With early intervention to assist our Afro-American male youths, they will be able to engage fully in their education.  These are students who have been targeted because they are considered to be High Flyers which means that they have a number of factors for this program which include:  office referrals, poor attendance, suspensions and behavioral issues.

YBU Young Brothers United is a service program that will meet the needs of our young males.  The group will provide case management and advocacy for students identified.  All team members will collaborate with school personnel, Hope Health, CST, Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs Bowie State University, and Juvenile Services.

The main goal of this program is to establish a safe and welcoming environment for all youths, mentors, and staff; expose our youths of the program to cultural, social, and academic endeavors that expand their future outlooks; engage youths to be critical thinkers in their communities, families, and school; and empower them to be leaders, agents of change, and role models for the improvement of their communities, families, and school.  The other goals of this program are to provide resources, opportunities, activities, and positive role models to assist our young black males in rising above the bar for success.